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Included here are pictures of the characters in color to give you a good idea of what the color scheme of the character was meant to be. These pictures were colored by bart12345 and masterstarfox posted with their kind permission, along with a few colorized pictures of my own.
Mike Mercury
Michael Mercury Jr. (born November 22, 1930 in Lincoln, Nebraska) is the heroic Chief Test Pilot of Supercar.

Mike loved flying from a very early age and had ample opportunity to study aircraft as his father was a pilot in the United States Air Force.

Unfortunately, Mercury Senior was killed in the war and Mike's mother died soon afterwards in a car crash. To try and get over his loss, young Mike enlisted in the Air Force and attempted to put the tragedy behind him. He rose swiftly through the ranks becoming noted for his fearless flying and his daring exploits.

During the 1950's he transferred to the fledgling Space Program and trained hard but he felt there was something missing.

A meeting with a certain Professor Popkiss and Dr. Beaker in 1958 at the Air Force Base where he was stationed led to Mike resigning and joining the two scientists at their Nevada laboratory where he helped in the final stages of the design and construction of Supercar.

Now he felt he would be able to help to do something to help people in trouble.

In the little spare time that he has, he keeps up his interest in flying and tutors Jimmy Gibson.

Mike’s puppet is later re-used for use in “Fireball XL5” in the episode “A Day in the Life of a Space General” as the mailman. The puppet is obscured behind a window, though can be positively identified by the length of the head.

“Big Bang Comics” character Mike Merlin is named in honor of Mike Mercury.

Mike’s voice was provided by Canadian actor Graydon Gould. Gould was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1937. When he enrolled in an English drama school in 1957, his tutor immediately tried to eliminate his Canadian accent. He left the school within weeks. "I was determined to make out as a Canadian," he said.

Gould is noted for his role of Chief Ranger George Keeley in the Canadian CBC/ITC children’s adventure TV series, “The Forest Rangers”. Gould also had small bit roles in notable films; in “Déjà vu” (1997) as Dana’s Father and “Mission Impossible” (1996) as Public Official.

Professor Popkiss
Professor Rudolph Popkiss (born October 30, 1902 in Budapest, Hungary) is the scientist team along with Dr. Beaker who created Supercar. Although Professor Popkiss was born in Hungary, he is actually Swiss, his parents moved to Appenzell near the Austro-Swiss border when he was only a year old; it was there that his sister Heidi was born.

In his youth he helped out a clockmaker by the name of Curt Gestler who taught him about delicate machinery.

In 1931, he graduated from Geneva University with degrees in Electronics, Aviation and Rocketry and set up his own research complex. So dedicated was he to his work he never married or seemed to have a life away from his lab.

Unfortunately, due to lack of funding he had to shut down his laboratory, and in 1929 he went to the USA to build a new laboratory in the Nevada Desert at Black Rock.

The US Government consulted him frequently and he was able to help them in the war effort, although he refused to help out with the Manhattan Project (to build an H bomb).

After the war he started to teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and there, during a debate with some English academics, he met and befriended Dr. Beaker. They discovered that they had a common dream - to create a vehicle that would enable them to do some good after the carnage that had resulted from the two World Wars.

In 1955, Dr. Beaker joined Popkiss in Nevada to work together in Building Supercar.

When he is not thinking up improvements for Supercar, the Professor collects butterflies and tinkers with clocks and 'likes nothing better than to sit in front of a roaring fire with a good book'. He is a great reader of classical literature.

Professor Popkiss’s voice was provided by British actor George Murcell in the first season, and then by British actor Cyril Shaps in the second. Both actors’ voice characterizations sounded the same so little difference could really be pin pointed.

George Murcell was born on October 20, 1925 in Naples, Italy. Making his film debut in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's “The Battle of the River Plate” (1956), he went onto carve out a career as snarling villains, in both film and television. His villains could either be dumb henchmen, as in “Hell Drivers” and Campbell's Kingdom (both 1957), or sophisticated rogues, such as Needle in “The Avengers” episode “You Have Just Been Murdered”.

An actor with a wide range he also specialized in foreign characters, including Germans, Russians and South Americans. A number of these roles were in ITC adventure series of the sixties and seventies, such as “Danger Man”; “The Baron”; “The Saint”; The Champions”;Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased); The Persuaders; and Jason King”.

He also enjoyed a long stage career, which included work with such leading lights as Tyrone Guthrie and Peter Brook, and was active in the Royal Shakespeare Company. In the 1970s he acquired a Victorian church in an unglamorous area of north London, which he converted into an Elizabethan-styled theatre; in 1973, he opened it as St. George's Theatre, making it his mission to bring classical plays to an audience, which wouldn't otherwise have had the chance. Throughout the seventies and eighties, he continued there as actor and director, often with his wife, actress Elvi Hale.

Murcell died on December 3, 1998 in Middlesex, England.

Cyril Shaps was born on October 13, 1923 in Highbury, London; he was of Polish ancestry and his father was a tailor. He was a child broadcaster, providing voices for radio commercials at the age of 12. After grammar school and Army service he trained at RADA and then worked for two years as an announcer, producer and scriptwriter for Radio Netherlands. His short stature and round face then led to a steady flow of character roles in film and television for nearly five decades.

Shaps's films included bit parts in a wide range of high-profile international films, including the Academy Award Best Picture winner “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962), with Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif (as the officer's club bartender), “To Sir, with Love” (1967, as neighbor Mr. Pinkus), and the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977, as Dr. Bechmann). One of his showier turns came in 1994, in “The Madness of King George”, portraying Dr. Pepys, a royal physician obsessed with the color of His Majesty's stool. In 2002, at the age of 79, he made his final theatrical film appearances, as a pew opener in “The Importance of Being Earnest”, and had a larger role as concentration camp victim Mr. Grun in another Best Picture Oscar winner, “The Pianist” (2002).

Television work ranged from science fiction, including multiple appearances on “Doctor Who”, to classic literature in the BBC serials of Charles Dickens's “Martin Chuzzlewit” (1994) and “Our Mutual Friend” (1998) to detective shows with appearances in “Lovejoy” (1993), “The Saint” (1966), and as Emperor Franz Joseph in “Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady” (1991). He also supplied the voice of Mr. Gruber in “The Adventures of Paddington Bear” and Great Grandfather Frost in one episode of “Animated Tales of the World”.

Cyril Shaps died on January 1, 2003 in London, England.

Dr. Beaker
Dr. Horatio Beaker (Born July 23, 1912 in Tunbridge Wells, England) is the second scientist mastermind behind the creation of Supercar.

Absent-minded Dr. Beaker was a child prodigy and excelled at every subject whist at school. It was inevitable that he should go to one of the great Universities; he went to Oxford and even coxed for them in the Boat Race, despite his height.

He left University with Degrees in Electronics, Biology and mathematics and he worked for Vickers Aviation for a while before starting to teach at Cambridge University.

During the War, he worked for the Ministry of Food with Professor Magnus Pyke, educating the people in how to get the most nutrition from what food was available.

Recently declassified documents indicate that he also spent some time working with Dr. Barnes Wallis.

In 1945, he returned to teaching and private research.

In 1953, during a tour of America, he met a scientist called Professor Popkiss. The two men struck up an instant friendship which led to Dr. Beaker settling in Nevada at the home laboratory of Popkiss.

They started work on a wonder machine that would be able to travel over any terrain, in the air and under the sea, but they needed a test pilot and in 1958 they met Mike Mercury, who was only too pleased to join them in Nevada and help out.

Beaker is also, like Popkiss, dedicated to making Supercar better but he devotes a lot of his scarce leisure time to botany where he is still experimenting with food plants to enable us to get more nutrition out of them and he also puts his fertile mind into trying to get plants to grow in inhospitable areas. Also single, he has never had the time to marry.

Dr. Beaker’s voice was provided by Anderson regular, David Graham.

Jimmy Gibson
James Gibson (born August 3, 1950 in Boise City, Idaho) is the young acquaintance of the Supercar team who lives with them while his brother handles his transport business.

Jimmy's parents were zoologists who made a special study of primates. They died whilst on safari in Kenya. The responsibility for bringing up Jimmy fell to his older brother Bill, who is 12 years older.

Naturally he found it hard, trying to raise a very inquisitive child (then 6 years old) and a mischievous monkey. When Jimmy was away at school, Bill was able to build up his transport business and during the holidays he used to take Jimmy and Mitch with him on his journeys. This also helped Jimmy's education.

It was on one of those trips that their plane crashed in the sea only to be rescued by Mike Mercury in Supercar.

Seeing Jimmy as a younger version of himself Mike discussed with Beaker, Popkiss and Bill his ideas. They would look after Jimmy, enabling Bill to carry on with his business without worrying about his younger brother.

Everyone agreed and Jimmy was overjoyed to stay at Black Rock with his new found friends.

Apart from helping where he can around the labs, Jimmy, like Mike, loves aircraft and build models. He also tries to teach Mitch new tricks.

Jimmy’s voice was provided by Sylvia Thamm, who would later marry series creator Gerry Anderson and have a hand in all Anderson productions until the first season of “Space: 1999” upon their 5 year separation and eventual divorce in 1980. Sylvia's main contribution was the development of realistic characters that viewers could identify with and become involved with. She usually directed the bi-weekly voice recording sessions, and provided the voices of many female characters and most notably as Lady Penelope in “Thunderbirds”.

Sylvia Thamm was born on March 25, 1937 in London, England. Following graduation from the London School of Economics, Sylvia Thamm joined Polytechnic Films as a secretary, where she met editor/director Gerry Anderson. When Anderson and his colleague Arthur Provis created AP Films following the collapse of Polytechnic in 1957, Sylvia joined them along with colleagues John Read and Reginald E. "Reg" Hill. Thamm had worked on Roberta Leigh’s previous puppet series “The Adventures of Twizzle” and “Torchy the Battery Boy” along with Anderson and Provis as well as the first Supermarionation series, “Four Feather Falls” as a production assistant. She became Anderson's second wife shortly after, in 1960, and became more involved in production duties.

The creative partnership with Gerry Anderson concluded when their marriage broke down during the production of the first series of “Space: 1999” in 1975; Gerry announced his intention to separate on the evening of the wrap party, following which Sylvia severed her ties with the production company.

In 1994, Sylvia reprised her role as Lady Penelope on one episode of “Absolutely Fabulous”. Indeed, nowadays Sylvia is widely recognized as Lady Penelope's alter-ego in lieu of virtually any of her other achievements. Whilst Gerry Anderson has continued developing and producing since their separation Sylvia has, until recently, acted as the UK representative for HBO, scouting for new talent. Her autobiography “Yes M'Lady” was published in 1996, and republished as “My FAB Years” in 2007, with new material bringing it up to date with the latest development in her life, including her role as a consultant on Working Title's almost universally panned “Thunderbirds” (2004) movie. Her opinion on the movie was optimistic, which mirrors Gerry’s opinion and the truth of what a piece of trash the movie really is.

Mitch is Jimmy's pet monkey. Mitch was rescued by Jimmy's parents when its mother abandoned it. Mitch is very protective of the infant Jimmy - a bond which grew closer when the adult Gibson’s perished whilst on safari in Kenya.

Mitch is quite troublesome and many a time has gotten the crew into trouble, however is most troublesome to Dr. Beaker.

Mitch’s loud hooting was provided by David Graham





Bill Gibson
William Gibson (born February 9, 1938 in Boise City, Idaho) is Jimmy’s older brother and caretaker who runs a transport company whilst Jimmy is in the care of the Supercar crew.

Bill was educated at the local High School in Boise City and became a mechanic. However, when his parents died, he used the money they left to set up his own transport business.

This proved difficult and it was a great help when the Supercar team offered to take care of Jimmy. In Bill's hands the business prospered and in 1962 he joined the Air Force and left his business in the care of a manager. Whilst in the Air Force he applied to join NASA and was successful.

His single-mindedness is inherited from his father and this is Bill's biggest asset. When he has any spare time, he enjoys visiting Black Rock and gliding. In fact he has built and flown many gliders of his own design. In 1964 he married his childhood sweetheart, Anne Stephens.

Bill’s role in the series was a recurring one at best, and he was seen in few episodes throughout the series’ run. Bill's puppet (or one similar in appearance to his) seems to have been used as one of the villians in the episode "Atomic Witch Hunt" though guised under a darker afro-style wig and with stubble apllied around the face, as well as appearing as Johnson in "Transatlantic Cable".

Bill’s voice was provided by David Graham.

Alexandr Slanovicz (born January 29, 1915 in Shkoder, Albania) is a greedy master criminal and spy going by the name “Masterspy”

Masterspy was born in Albania's second city, Shkoder. Despite Albania being a poor country Masterspy's family was quite well off, unfortunately this only served to make this only child greedy for more wealth.

He left school at 14 in 1929 and drifted from job to job, he didn't need to work as his family's money kept him in affluent surroundings.

He served in the Albanian army in World War II and distinguished himself by being a coward and a bully. After the war things changed in the tiny European country and Masterspy took his new name as he wanted to be a master criminal and spy. He travelled Europe and America looking for suitable criminal types to join him, he chose Zarin. Masterspy's ideas are usually sound but due to a) Zarin's bungling, and b) always being outsmarted, his career in crime has faltered.

In 1960 he learned about Supercar and the possession of the vehicle became his life's obsession.

While he is not working on some underhand scheme Masterspy keeps tropical fish.

Masterspy’s voice was provided by George Murcell in the first season and Cyril Shaps in the second. As with Popkiss, both Murcell and Shaps’s characterizations for Masterspy also sounded about the same.

Emil Zarin (born December 19, 1918 in Kayseri, Turkey) is Masterspy’s cowardly bumbling partner in crime, whom he refers to as “Friend” Zarin (which is obviously a loose term).

Zarin comes from a long line of criminals, his father and both his grandfathers were thieves and it seemed only natural that Emil would follow in the family tradition. His family was always poor so even as a child he drifted into petty crime. The only problem was that he wasn't any good and he had more clouts around the ear than he had hot dinners.

Because of his looks and slight frame which he used to advantage when sneaking about, he got the nickname 'Genincik' (Turkish for Weasel). This gave him a certain notoriety and when he wasn't in some prison or other, he was much in demand as a sneak thief.

He is easily dominated and when Masterspy was seeking a henchman, he approached Zarin with a view to using him as an accomplice in his major dream, to steal Supercar.

Zarin has no hobbies but he has an ambition one day to be successful in his chosen career - crime.

Zarin’s voice was provided by David Graham.

"Space Patrol"
The characters from "Space Patrol" have little to no information regarding their birthdate or their pasts. The series' obscurity never really warranted much material on the characters. The info on this page is mainly made up of what could be disciphered from the series or the annuals available. The pictures below are digitally colorized by myself, mostly from annual and comic material.
Larry Dart
Captain Larry Dart is the Captain of the Galasphere 347. Over the duration of the series, we learn very little about Larry Dart. He would appear to be in his thirties and a veteran of Space Patrol and the UGO. Sporting 'Viking' blond hair and a goatee beard with blue eyes, he is a radical departure from the clean-cut square-jawed appearance of almost every other outer space hero, before or since, looking, with his Vandyke beard and bobbed hair, not unlike an interplanetary Richard the Lionheart. A consummate professional, he is prepared to sacrifice his life before his men and those he is sworn to protect.

We learn little of his private life, assuming he has one after the long periods of time spent in space, or family. When he was seven, he used to go 'bird nesting' for eggs.

He looks forward to leave but on more than one occasion seems restless and in need of something to do, whether it be fishing, investigating a mystery on Mars or rock climbing on the Moon. This zeal for action sometimes makes him volunteer for the most dangerous missions, something Colonel Raeburn is aware of but rarely takes advantage of.

Dart’s voice was provided by American comedian and lyricist, Dick Vosburgh. Vosburgh states his interest in voicing was his familiarity with Roberta Leigh through watching “Torchy the Battery Boy” with his children. He also recalls Leigh's enthusiasm in picking him because of his beard, which was fitting because of Dart's beard.

The son of National Geographic Magazine editor Frederick G. Vosburgh, Richard Kennedy “Dick” Vosburgh was born on August 27, 1929 in New Jersey USA. He left home to study acting but after entertaining other prisoners-of-war at Stalag 17, Vosburgh began to contribute sketches for revues in London's West End. He persuaded his father to let him study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London (where he met his future wife, Beryl Roques) and won the Comedy Acting prize. He was soon writing for BBC Radio, starting with scripts for Bernard Braden in 1953.

Often partnering with other writers including Garry Chambers and Barry Cryer he wrote television shows for Ronnie Corbett, David Frost, Roy Hudd, Bobby Davro, Frankie Howerd, Bob Monkhouse, Lenny Henry, Tommy Cooper, Freddie Starr and Bob Hope and material for the radio revival of the Marx Brothers show “Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel”. According to legend, he did much of his writing while continuously riding the Circle Line of the London Underground to avoid interruptions. In the late 1960s, he appeared in “How To Irritate People” and various early episodes of “Monty Python's Flying Circus”.

In an article for the Times in 1982, Jane Ellison calls him 'a compulsive worrier, perfectionist and master of the wisecrack'. In the same article Dick says of himself: "Television is not the ideal place for a Virgo to work. In fact I am a Virgoan son of a Virgo, which is much, much worse. I must be the most nit-picking person ever born - I sat up all night writing a speech for the wedding of one of my daughters. On stage you can see the actors say your lines and you have a better chance to make them better next time. On television you're reduced to clawing the screen."

Vosburgh passed away on April 18, 2007 in London. D

Slim is the Resident Venusian helmsman cum navigator of the Galasphere 347. Petite and silver haired, like most of his fellow Venusians, Slim is the possibly youngest and certainly the smallest of the Galasphere crew. Slim is as dedicated and loyal a crew member as you can hope for. Even an apparent change of allegiance to his uncle Gallia in a power coup on his home planet was simply a ruse to find a way of stopping him.

There is a friendly friction between him and Husky, borne of their very different cultures and characters, but it never interferes with their professionalism. We never learn whether Slim is a nickname derived from his small and slender appearance, or his real name.

Slim has an encyclopedic knowledge - and way of speaking. Never using a few short words when twenty long ones will suffice, he is the walking repository of facts and always on the lookout to expand what he knows (art and culture seem the current fad with him) but his curiosity on more than one occasion leads him into a dangerous situation.

His parents are still alive and on one occasion Slim invites both Dart and Husky to visit with him; an indication of the deep friendship the crew share with each other.

Slim’s quotes are similar to and predate those of Mr. Spock in “Star Trek” (i.e. `My apprehension is considerable, Captain`). His puppet would later appear as a largely unchanged background character in "Wonder Boy & Tiger". Slim’s high pitched and rather feminine sounding voice (which is shown not to be unusual among the Venusian’s) was provided by English actor Ronnie Stevens.

Born September 2nd 1930 in London, England, Ronald Stevens has carved an extraordinary and varied niche in character acting over fifty years.

He attended the Camberwell School of Art and during the war served in the RAF and Royal Engineers. Subsequently he paid to train at PARADA. His first appearances were in revue, starting with “Ad Lib” in 1948, and Stevens was soon established as a valuable member of the revue guru Peter Myers' stable, with many acclaimed performances in the West End and around the country before making a more permanent move to film and television.

As well as providing voices and singing songs for Roberta Leigh's earlier series “Sara and Hoppity” and continuing into “Wonder Boy & Tiger” in 1967, Ronnie Stevens also narrated and voiced “Noggin the Nog” along with his friend Oliver Postgate, an experience he compares as "More comfortable, and less pressured."

He appeared in many television comedy series in regular roles, including “May to December”, “Goodnight Sweetheart” and “A J Wentworth, BA”. He played minor roles in many other sitcoms including “Wild, Wild Women”, “Only When I Laugh”, "Ever Decreasing Circles", “Hi-de-Hi!”, “Yes, Prime Minister”, “Terry and June”, “Chance in a Million” and “As Time Goes By”. Ronnie Stevens also appeared in the 1998 film “The Parent Trap”, the 1962 film “Carry on Cruising” and the 1996 film “Brassed Off”.

Stevens passed away on November 11, 2006.

Husky is the Martian resident engineer of Galasphere 347 with a voracious and persistent appetite (particularly Martian sausage). His loyalty to Dart is also without doubt, even if he is prone to disobeying the odd order. Husky has large blue eyes and a head of short brown, spiky hair.

Possibly in his late twenties, though as Martian years are longer that would make him at least as old as Larry Dart, Husky is well built and the tallest of the crew being seven feet tall. It is never revealed whether Husky is his real name or a nickname derived from his deep, gravelly voice.

Husky’s chief characteristics are his obsession with food - Martian sausage preferably - and his habit of mixing up his words, coming out with expressions like `ridicule` or `fantasticacious`. He can`t quite get to grips with idiomatic expressions, either. When a dangerous situation has been narrowly averted, Husky will invariably remark “that was a close hair-cut”. He has little interests outside his momentous appetite but he seems to hanker after some female company. Whether this hints at loneliness is never expanded upon but he does get a pet in the form of a Martian Gabblerdictum Bird which he brings to Earth where, presumably, Husky lives when on duty.

He is very proud of his Martian heritage, and enjoys returning to Mars for leave, though it would seem he can go on about how great the planet is, to the boredom of certain Irish professors.

Husky's puppet would later appear as a largely unchanged background character in "Wonder Boy & Tiger".

Husky’s voice was provided by Ronnie Stevens.

Gabbler is Husky’s Alien pet, who as his name implies never stops talking. Gabbler is a part of a race known as the Gabblerdictum, a Martian parrot, though walking upright and as tall as a small child. Gabbler has mauve feathers though other Gabblerdictum’s may be colored differently.

Husky brings one to Earth as a pet and Professor Haggarty teaches it to speak English through his birdsong translator, after which the problem is, getting him to stop talking.

Pretty, clever, conceited and the bravest coward ever, Gabbler is a pain to all concerned but by turns does occasionally stumble across the solution to a problem and helps out.

Gabbler’s voice was provided by Canadian comic actress and clown, Libby Morris, who is noted famous for her facial contortions and fast talking. Gabbler is also the only character Morris stayed to voice for the second season.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1930, she came to England in 1955 with her husband disc jockey Murray Kash (voice of Colonel Raeburn). According to a 1960s interview, they saved up for a holiday trip to London but liked it here so much they decided to stay.

A well-known personality of the 1960s, she was often a guest on various variety shows, and was a regular on “Don't Say A Word”, an early charades based game show.

Libby also had a good singing career, having had classical training, on her own with singles such as “When Liberace Winked At Me” (1956) and “Anyone Can Whistle” (1964), and receiving critical acclaim for her part in “Come Blow Your Horn”.

Colonel Raeburn
Colonel Carl Raeburn is the head of Space Patrol and UGO. Sporting a neat moustache and blond but graying crew-cut hairstyle that betrays his mature age, Raeburn oversees the fleet of Galasphere’s that patrol the space ways. His residence is only 120 yards due North West from Space Headquarters.

Colonel Raeburn is probably not well remembered for his role in the series. But in the course of the 39 episodes, we learn more about him than any other character. Of course, he epitomizes the typical no-nonsense, tough talking boss, but on the other hand, he`s not above cracking cruel jokes, at the expense of Dart and his men. Raeburn has a running love/hate banter with Haggarty over various issues such as the Professor's rivalry with Professor Zeffer of the Martian Observatory. Raeburn and Haggarty spend half the time male bonding, going on shooting expeditions or entertaining each other to lunch, and the rest of the time trading snide insults.

Raeburn really only cares about one thing; the plants in his window box. After Dart brings him a cutting from the holy tree of the Saturnians, he appears to take an interest in cultivating it, with full grown blooms starting to appear around the office and an especially large specimen dominating Marla's office. He has a particular penchant for driving his monobile around too.

Colonel Raeburn’s voice was provided by Canadian actor Murray Kash.

Born in Toronto on September 16, 1923, one of four brothers in a Polish-Jewish family, he became interested in acting after undergoing therapy to correct a childhood stutter, his teachers having had theatrical backgrounds. After graduating in social sciences from the University of Toronto, he married the singing comedian Libby Morris (Gabbler’s voice actor), who came close to stardom in the following decade.

Kash then attended the Banff School of Fine Arts, in Alberta, followed by the Academy of Radio and TV Arts. The headmaster was Lorne Greene, who became famous as Ben Cartwright in the TV show Bonanza. In 1955 the couple moved to Britain, where Kash's earliest theatrical experience was in repertory at Southsea, Hampshire, the following year. He was often cast as an American - Canadian actors had fewer problems with work permits, as Canada was part of the commonwealth.

His films included three Graham Greene "entertainments", “Loser Takes All” (1956), “Across the Bridge” (1957), starring Rod Steiger, and “Our Man in Havana” (1959). In “Time Lock” (1957), a thriller set in Canada, from the future “Carry On” producers, Kash was "first welder" - the second welder was Sean Connery. Later, Kash had a bit part in “Thunderball” (1965) as an underling of Blofeld suspected of embezzlement.

For BBC2's Theatre 625, he appeared in John Hopkins's adaptation of “Parade's End” (1964). For the same channel, he was an off-screen voice in “The Lost Peace” (1966), the successor to “The Great War”. On the lighter side, he stooged in “Hancock's Half Hour” (1960), “The Morecambe and Wise Show” (1963) and “Sykes” (1961 and 1964).

Kash also devoted much energy to popularizing country and western music, which he felt the media in Britain regarded "with some kind of inbuilt prejudice". In the 1960s, on the BBC Light Program, he presented a weekly country-music show, later maintaining that he was the first person to do so on British radio, and that his later show, on Radio 2 (in the 1970s), had more than two million listeners.

His hobbies included photography and travel. Libby and him moved back to their native Canada in the 1980’s, where Murray gave voice classes. Kash passed away on March 30, 2009 at the age of 85.

Marla is the Venusian secretary of Colonel Raeburn. Silver haired, classically attractive and super-efficient, she is extremely loyal to Raeburn and reluctant to abandon him even in time of crisis, and it is suggested there is a caring, though platonic, friendship when he falls ill. She has the ability never to forget and to anticipate her employer's needs.

We rarely see her out from behind her desk but she does socialize with Professor Haggarty’s daughter Cassie, and occasionally Slim, although it is indicated the two Venusians simply enjoy each other’s company.

She seems to be ignored by the Duo mind control, perhaps believing that Venusian loyalty would not make her question Raeburn’s odd behavior but they do not allow for her intelligence and sense of right. Her bringing of the situation to the attention of Professor Haggarty leads to the invasion being thwarted.

Marla's puppet would be re-used in the latter puppet series by Leigh and Provis; "Wonder Boy & Tiger" and "Send for Dithers" where her puppet is revamped to have more human looking eyes. During the first series, her voice was provided by Libby Morris. Morris was less and less available for the roles she played in the series by series 2, and she only continued voicing Gabbler. Marla and other female voice casts were taken up by British actress, Ysanne Churchman, who had previously done work for Roberta Leigh in her previous series “Sara & Hoppity” as the voice of Sara.

Born on May 24, 1925 in Sutton Coldfield, to well-known stage/radio performers Andrew Churchman and Gladys Day, Ysanne appeared on “Children's Hour” on the radio and in the play “Gallows Glorious” on the pre-war BBC TV, and later trained as a dancer at Cone-Ripman College. After work in repertory and theatre, she concentrated on radio and voice work for film and television, with her most famous early role being the part of Grace in the long running radio series “The Archers” at the time of the character’s demise in 1955. She has since played five other parts in the series.

Ysanne is more famous in the SF genre as the voice of Alpha Centauri in the two Peladon stories of BBC TV's “Doctor Who” and also as the voice of Soo, the house computer in the two “Dominick Hide” TV plays, in which she does a fair reprise of her Marla voice.

Ysanne retired in 1993 but still does the occasional voice-over and television appearance.

Professor Haggarty
Professor Aloysius O’Brien O’Rourke Haggarty is the Irish scientist who works at the Scientific Headquarters of the UGO. By turns genius and madman (according to others) Haggarty is an inventor who is usually developing various half-baked devices or processes for use in space.

He has a daughter, Cassiopeia, who lives with him and seemingly looks after him so we have to presume Mrs. Haggarty is no longer around. He has a niece and nephew, which suggests he has a married brother or sister, who occasionally visit, and also an Aunt Min, who knits him a hideously colored cardigan!

When not involved in UGO matters, his personal bugbear is his own hair loss and trying to invent a means to prevent it. Even that turns out to have a use, when the electronic hair restorer leads to a solution to an alien invasion.

His voice was provided by Ronnie Stevens, who also voices Husky & Slim.

Cassiopeia Haggarty is the petite, dark haired daughter of Professor Haggarty, who prefers to be known as Cassie.

She helps out in his laboratory at the Scientific Research Building at Space Headquarters and would also appear to look after him at home. Cassie constantly calls Haggarty, “Pop”, prompting his famous response, “don’t call me Pop!” When she isn’t in the laboratory, she is typically in the company of Marla.

During the run of the series, Cassie had two puppets, one during Season One and a more matured looking version during Season Two. The main difference is that the eye sockets of the matured version are cut in a more almond fashion and the hair is in a bun. Cassie’s puppet was disguised heavily for the episode “Time Stands Still” under a puffy blonde wig and glasses as the role of the President of France.

During the first season, Cassie was voiced by Libby Morris, with the role being taken over by Ysanne Churchman during the second.

General Smith
General Smith is the Head of the United Galactic Army. Smith was a semi-recurring character, who I include mainly because of his importance to the United Galactic Organization. Despite his higher rank, General Smith can be overruled by Colonel Raeburn as the United Galactic Organization would appear to have more powers in some matters. Smith bears a large mustache with a bald head in uniform.

Smith has a somewhat over aggressive outlook not quite in keeping with the peaceful setting of 2100, quite happy to destroy a moon harboring criminal factions.

Altogether, Smith appears in 14 episodes of the series. His puppet goes through very little change in the series compared to the other characters. His puppet was revamped for two later episodes as Sam Marsden in “Mystery on the Moon” and the Curator in “Forcefield X”.

Smith’s voice was provided by Dick Vosburgh.

"Fireball XL5"
Character bios for the XL5 Characters have been mostly made up over time from different sources, and at times don't necessarily match up with the series, however I still decided to include them.

Color pictures are thanks to Legend Films colourised episode along with bart12345 and masterstarfox's magnificent photoshops (along with some of my own).
Steve Zodiac
Colonel Steve Zodiac (born on October 29, 2030 in Kahra on Mars) is the pilot and commanding officer of Fireball XL5.

Steve was born in the domed city of Kahra on Mars, and is the son of General Zodiac, the Head of the Universal Secret Service, better known in official circles by his code name 'S'. The Zodiac Family had moved to Mars early in 2030 when the USS set up their headquarters just outside Kahra, soon after the colony was founded.

Young Zodiac never liked going to bed as a boy – he would lie awake and gaze up at the stars wondering what was out there. This fascination never left him and he joined the newly opened World Space Patrol Academy on Earth in 2047 as a space cadet. Zodiac qualified with honors as an astronaut in 2051 and was commissioned into the WSP as a sub-lieutenant based at Space City. He built up a strong friendship with the space explorer/pioneer Major Jim Ireland in the year before Ireland left Earth to begin a ten-year voyage of discovery through the local star systems.

Zodiac was promoted to lieutenant at 22 and before long was flying shuttles to and from the space colonies within the Solar System. In 2055 he was assigned to the newly commissioned patrol ship Fireball XL5 as co-pilot with the rank of space captain. The XL ships were powered by man's greatest breakthrough in space technology – the hyperdrive.

Zodiac visited many new worlds in these early days and then in 2057 the nutomic motor was perfected which boosted the power of the hyperdrive tenfold. The stress of testing the new motors proved too much for XL5's first pilot, Colonel Grange, who suffered a nervous breakdown at the controls and almost destroyed the ship. Zodiac kept calm and after knocking Grange unconscious recovered control of Fireball just in time and completed the tests successfully. He was subsequently promoted to colonel and given command of XL5 with responsibility for patrolling Sector 25 of our galaxy.

Over the next 5 years Steve Zodiac and the crew of Fireball XL5 helped make space a safer place for Mankind and all its allies in the United Planets Organization.

In 2063 he won the Astronaut of the Year Award and has become a legend in his own lifetime.

Steve's puppet would later be reused in the "Stingray" episode "Stand by for Action", disguised under black hair to portray the suave actor Johnny Swoonara. Swoonara was voiced by Ray Barrett.

Steve Zodiac was voiced by British actor Paul Maxwell. Maxwell was born on November 21, 1921 and worked mostly on British television and films. His most noted roles are perhaps as the Man in the Panama Hat in “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade” and General Maxwell Taylor in “A Bridge Too Far”.

Maxwell worked mostly on ITC Productions shows, including Gerry Anderson’s series. Apart from Colonel Zodiac, he would go on to do the voice of Captain Paul Travers in “Thunderbirds Are Go!” and as Captain Grey in “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” for 12 episodes before leaving. He would also appear in Gerry’s “UFO” series, episode “Sub Smash”.

His real passion was for the theatre, and he appeared in the “West End” several times, including in “Twelve Angry Men”, and the musical “Promises Promises”. After the Second World War, Maxwell married Mary Lindsay and had a daughter Lindsay. Maxwell died on December 19, 1991 at age 70 in London, England.

Doctor Venus
Dr. Venus (Born on February 10, 2035 in Paris) is the doctor of Space medicine.

Venus was born in Paris as Lily Lumiere. Her parents were killed only a few months later in the rioting and civil disorder that swept across France in the aftermath of the European Atomic War of 2028-34. A medical team in one of the survival shelters where her parents had been living found her – but there were no records of her birth and no one even knew her name. With no way of tracing living relatives in the social climate at the time she was placed in an orphanage and eventually adopted by the American Doctor Victor Crabtree and his French wife who named her Venus.

Doctor Crabtree was one of an international team of doctors who had volunteered to help survivors in Europe and administer the newly developed anti-radiation drugs which greatly reduced the number of casualties.

The United Nations began to restore order by 2036 and the Crabtree family finally settled down in Southern France after life had returned to normal. Venus was encouraged to attend medical school and in 2056 graduated from the University of the Universe with doctorates in biology and space medicine. She joined the medical wing of the World Space Patrol and was posted to Space City where she was immediately responsible for devising medical tests to determine the pressures astronauts were under flying the newly commissioned XL ships further and faster than ever before. She joined as Doctor Venus having dropped her surname to emphasize her unknown lineage – she had never liked the name Crabtree anyway.

In 2057 Venus was chosen by Colonel Steve Zodiac to be Fireball XL5's Doctor of Space Medicine and given the rank surgeon lieutenant. She earned her Diploma in Space Psychology in 2063 and during her time aboard XL5 has become a capable co-pilot and assistant navigator too.

Dr. Venus was voiced by Sylvia Anderson, who had previously voiced Jimmy in “Supercar”.

Robert the Robot
Robert the Robot (activated in early 2062) is the robotic co-pilot of the Fireball XL5

Robert the Robot was constructed by Professor Matthew Matic at the XL Projects Workshops, Space City, early in 2062 and was Earth's most advanced mechanical man. His outer shell is made of transparent vladium (also known as labinium) and he is able to carry out virtually any instructions given him, which he will repeat in a monotone electronic voice. Robert's positronic brain allows him to take independent action as required and he records all events within his range of his scanners for possible analysis at a later date.

He has a tendency to 'blow his top' if conflicting commands are given, i.e. Robert's circuits become confused and overheat causing his coolant to expand and be released through a valve in his head as vapor. If this continues for any length of time he will collapse and need recharging. Robert became the co-pilot of Fireball XL5 soon after he was built and proved invaluable on many occasions where a human pilot would have lost control of the ship.

He has the strength of four men and is absolutely tireless.

Robert was voiced by series creator and master of Supermarionation, Gerry Anderson using an artificial larynx against his throat to make vibrations on his voice. Gerry does not really consider himself as being the true voice for Robert, thus he didn’t credit himself. Gerry would supposedly do the voice of S.I.D. in the “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” episode “Lunarville 7”.

Professor Matic
Professor Matthew Matic (Born on December 5, 2012 in Birmingham, UK) is the XL5’s designer, engineer and scientist

Matthew Matic was born in Birmingham, UK but moved to Houston, Texas in 2026 after his father (a respected research scientist) had been given a post at the Solar System Exploration Centre, Glenn Field Space Port, Nevada. The family settled in Houston because Matic's father spent much of his time lecturing at the SSEC Training Academy there.

Matic was encouraged to have an interest in science from an early age and proved a very bright student, graduating from the University of the Universe in 2033 with degrees in astrophysics, robotics and astronomy. He joined the SSEC Space Program and became a navigator on many of the early Zero X exploratory missions to the nearer stars. The co-pilot of his ship was Wilbur Zero and the two soon became good friends. In 2045 Matic accepted a Professorship at the University of the Universe lecturing on hyperdrive technology and astronomy, which allowed him the time for pure research.

His brief was to make the nutomic motor a reality so that it could be installed in the Fireball XL fleet. A number of prototype ships such as Jim Ireland's Explorer 10 and the XL1 Alpha proved the motors and by 2057 Fireball XL5 and her sister ships were upgraded. Matic did not want to stay Earthbound with the possibilities of new planets to explore and alien technologies to analyze so he requested active service aboard one of the XL ships.

He was chosen by Steve Zodiac (who couldn't believe his luck) and became XL5's navigator and engineer reaching the honorary rank of colonel by 2062. Matic earned the Astral Peace Prize in 2063 for his outstanding contributions to space exploration.

Professor Matic was voiced by David Graham in a voice similar to that of Walter Brennan’s.

Commander Zero
Commander Wilbur Jonathan Zero (born on June 25, 2017 in New York City, New York) is the Operational Commander of the World Space Patrol and Space City’s chief controller.

Zero was born in New York, USA and had a tough military upbringing. His father wanted him to join the US Army but he refused and enrolled with the US Air Force in 2036. Zero proved a good enough pilot to be transferred to the Solar System Exploration Centre at Glenn Field Space Port, Nevada in 2040 for astronaut training.

The following year he became a Zero X co-pilot and served on the same ship as navigator Matthew Matic for four years prior to being promoted to captain of his own craft in 2045. Two years later he was again promoted, this time to colonel, due to outstanding bravery in action. In 2048 Zero was selected for the recently founded World Space Patrol and transferred to their Space City HQ as chief astronaut with the rank of vice commander.

In 2052 he took over control of the base from General Rossiter (who moved to Washington DC to sit on the World Security Council) and consequently was made a full commander.

Zero married his long-time love Eleanor the same year and in 2053 their son Jonathan was born.

He lost the chance of promotion to general in 2057 when the perfection of the nutomic hyperdrive motor made the Skyball space station obsolete during construction – construction which had been authorized by Zero himself only the year before.

In early 2065 he became the Head of the World Space Patrol (with a seat on the World Security Council) when General Rossiter retired.

Zero's grandfather was Russian and had changed his name from Zheronovitch to Zero when he defected to the West in the 1960's.

Commander Zero, perhaps uncoincidentally resembles American actor George C. Scott. Zero was voiced by Polish television actor John Bluthal. His puppet can be seen in "Stingray" episode "Titan Goes Pop" as the cameraman (shown merely from behind in a sweater) and again in "Tune of Danger" in the audience, where he appears to still be wearing the World Space Patrol uniform.

Bluthal was born in Galicia, Poland of Jewish descent. He immigrated to Australia with his family in 1938 at the age of nine. He studied drama at the University of Melbourne, and visited England, during which time he appeared in pantomime. He worked in repertory theatre in Melbourne and was also involved in broadcasting and schools broadcasting. He appeared in drama on ABC radio, and variety, including the Shell Hour and Gaslight Music Hall, which he devised, produced and starred in.

In 1960 he came to England again and appeared in “Citizen James” for BBC television and also in the long-running UK TV series “Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width” where he played Manny Cohen, a Jewish tailor in business with an Irishman in London. He appeared in the role of Fagin in the musical “Oliver!” at New Theatre, London. He has made dozens of film and TV shows since he came to England in 1959.

Bluthal also worked with Spike Milligan over several years. He appeared as several characters in Milligan and John Antrobus' stage play The Bed-Sitting Room”, which opened at the Mermaid Theatre on 31 January 1963. He also worked with Milligan on the television series “Q” and its radio counterpart “The Milligan Show”. Beyond “The Bed-Sitting Room”, he had previously worked with Milligan in the radio comedy series “The Idiot Weekly” and “The Omar Khayyam Show”. Bluthal is a man of many voices, like Milligan's former radio colleague Peter Sellers, and he was used somewhat like Sellers in Milligan's later work.

Some of his other television appearances include: “Sykes and A...”, “'Allo 'Allo!”, “Hancock”, “Minder”, “The Avengers”, “Rumpole of the Bailey”, “Jonathan Creek”, “Lovejoy”, “Bergerac”, and “Inspector Morse”, as well as appearing as "Major Cheeseburger", in “The Goodies'” episode "Clown Virus". He also appeared on the Australian comedy/satire series “The Mavis Bramston Show” and as "Enzo Pacelli" in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation comedy television series “Home Sweet Home”.

Lieutenant Ninety
Lieutenant Josef Ninety (Born on January 7, 2039 in Katania, Bereznik) is the assistant space city controller.

Josef Dmitri Nineski was born in Katania, the seaport capital of Bereznik. The Nineski family managed to defect into the West in 2045 and settled down in San Francisco, USA where they changed their name to Ninety.

Ninety joined the World Space Patrol in 2060 after graduating from university with degrees in neutroni communications and data management.

He was promoted to lieutenant in 2062 and became Commander Zero's assistant in the control tower at Space City. Ninety won his astronauts' wings in a blaze of glory early in 2063 but still remains a sub controller. He hopes to soon pass his degree course in practical designing and become a Bachelor of Space, with subsequent promotion to full controller. He has flown a number of rescue missions as co-pilot of Fireball XL1, which have him invaluable space flight experience, and is thought highly of by Commander Zero.

Lieutenant Ninety was voiced by David Graham

Zoonie the Lazoon was born somewhere on the planet Colevio, in a star system many light years from Earth.

Colevio had become too warm for its native lazoons which had promoted their lazy tendencies to such a degree that they hardly bothered to breed. The humanoids on a neighboring planet had admired the natural beauty of Colevio for centuries and wished to migrate there – but could not do so until all the lazoons were extinct because the creatures produced an allergy within the humanoids which culminated in a trance-like state if close contact occurred.

In order to speed up the process of moving to Colevio and give the lazoons a chance of survival, the humanoids sent fully automated spaceships to round up the lazoons and take them to cooler more suitable worlds. One planet 'seeded' with lazoons was Zanadu and another was Earth – they were left in the Himalayan Mountains where they helped fuel the legends of the Yeti until they were finally tracked down in 2005. In 2061 the humanoids were certain that no more lazoons were left on Colevio therefore migration began. They built a beautiful automated city in remarkably short time then discovered that one Lazoon had escaped their attention and still lived. He walked into the city and the new Colevians fell into unconsciousness – their city eventually grinding to a halt. Luckily the World Space Patrol had detected the activity within the Colevian star system and Fireball XL5 was sent to investigate in May 2062. Dr. Venus managed to revive one of the humanoids and discovered what had happened. He asked Venus to take the last Colevian Lazoon back to Earth and thus release his people from their enforced sleep.

Venus loved the lazy creature at first sight and took him as her pet naming him Zoonie. She soon convinced Steve Zodiac to allow the Lazoon to accompany her aboard XL5 and Zoonie's powers of mimicry and semi-telepathic abilities have helped save the day on more than one occasion.

Zoonie’s vocals were provided by David Graham

Troy Tempest
Captain Troy Tempest (Born January 4, 2038 in New York City, New York) is the Commander of the WASP Submarine Stingray.

 A good student in school as a child, he was often reprimanded by teachers for inattention. Strong interests in oceanography, tropical fish, and swimming prepared him for entry into the World Naval Academy at San Diego California in 2056 at the age of 18. Upon graduation from the World Naval Academy, Tempest volunteered for the submarine service.

In 2060 Troy Tempest was captured by enemy forces while on a dangerous mission for the World Navy. He was rescued just prior to execution by a group of mercenaries led by George Lee Sheridan, the man who would later become his co-pilot on Stingray.

In 2064 Tempest was promoted to Captain and transferred from the World Navy to the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. Captain Bradley Holden, commander of the Stingray submarine, was seriously injured in the line of duty. Tempest replaced Holden as commander of Stingray. After recovering from his injuries, Bradley Holden later joined Spectrum as Captain Grey.

Captain Tempest became the immediate subject of ridicule as a member of the WASPs because of his belief in intelligent undersea life. Tempest's odd views were vindicated when he and Stingray made the first official contact with undersea people in 2064.

Troy Tempest's off duty hobbies include sailing and underwater plant horticulture. He maintains romantic interests in Lt Atlanta Shore, daughter of WASP Commander Sam Shore, and in Marina, aquaphibian daughter of Aphony leader of the underwater city of Pacifica.

Troy’s voice was provided by Canadian Actor Don Mason, his singing voice was provided by English singer Gary Miller.

Don Mason’s career does not span far beyond the voice of Troy Tempest. As for Gary Miller, he is probably most well known for singing the theme to “The Adventures of Robin Hood”. Miller also did the vocals to the main them of “Stingray” as well as an ultimately-unused theme to “Thunderbirds” titled “Flying High”

Don Mason died on January 20, 1980. Gary Miller died on June 15, 1968 of a heart attack.

Troy’s appearance is based on American actor James Garner.

Lieutenant Phones
Lieutenant George Lee Sheridan (Born on September 15, 2034 in South Carolina) nicknamed ‘Phones’ is Stingray’s co-pilot and hydrophone operator.

George Sheridan had a very difficult childhood. Orphaned in his early teens, he dropped out of school and drifted around the USA doing odd jobs.

Eventually Sheridan tired of the drifter's life and became a mercenary. A man of good principals, George Sheridan always made sure that he fought on the right side of any given conflict! Having technical aptitudes, he specialized in military communications and though he had little formal education, soon became a self-taught expert.

The pivotal event of George Sheridan's life came when he took a job which resulted in the rescue of Troy Tempest from hostile forces after an unsuccessful World Navy mission. The chance meeting led to a lifelong friendship and an appointment to the World Naval Academy. Nicknamed "Phones" by his fellow cadets, George Lee Sheridan was awarded a degree in communications engineering with honours in only one year.

Sheridan also volunteered for the submarine service after graduating from the World Naval Academy. He soon found that the naval life suited him very well since he had become accustomed to hard work and discipline. Sheridan was quickly promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Captain Troy Tempest approached Sheridan about joining him in the WASPs as his hydrophone operator soon after taking command of Stingray. Sheridan was very pleased at the thought of working under his good friend Troy Tempest and agreed to transfer out of the World Navy into the WASPs without any hesitation.

"Phones" Sheridan is fairly one dimensional. Fiercely loyal to Captain Tempest and the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, his main interest is still communications technology. He spends much of his off duty time attempting to improve Stingray's electronic systems. Even so, he still occasionally goes out on social occasions with Troy Tempest, Atlanta Shore, and Marina.

Phones voice was provided by American actor Robert Easton. Easton was known as “The Man of a Thousand Voices” thanks to his mastery of English dialect.

Easton was born Robert Easton Burke in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 23, 1930. Prior to voicing Phones, Easton had a similar role in “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” in 1961 as radio operator Sparks. He also appears in “The Red Badge of Courage” (1951) and “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country” (1991).

Robert Easton passed away on December 16, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Commander Shore
Commander Sam ‘Arthur’ Shore (Born September 27, 2015 in Kansas) is in charge of WASP’s Marineville Base.

Perhaps because Kansas is completely land-locked, the young Sam Shore always had a fascination with the sea. He ran away from home at the age of 14, lied about his age, and joined the World Navy. A natural leader, Sam Shore worked his way though the ranks to become the captain of a small WN patrol/guard submarine.

In 2040 Sam Shore met Elaine McDonald and in 2041 they were married. The couple had their only child, Atlanta, a year later.

In 2048 the Shore family transferred to the newly completed Marineville Base complex. By 2058 he was considered the base's chief aquanaut when Elaine died of a heart attack while Sam was out on patrol. Sam Shore withdrew into himself and his work after this tragic event but continued to remain extremely devoted to his daughter Atlanta.

Sam Shore's aquanaut career came to a tragic halt in April of 2060 when he lost the use of his legs after ramming an unknown hostile underwater craft. Subsequently, he was confined to a hover chair and assigned administrative duties. Due to his distinguished service career, Shore was promoted to Commander and placed in charge of Marineville Base, later becoming controller of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol when it became a separate service.

Commander Sam Shore has a gruff persona which often masks his caring nature. He considers the Stingray crew to be his extended family. Devoted to his job, Shore has few outside interests. He does enjoy playing poker and likes to argue with his old friend Admiral Jack Denver.

Shore’s gruff voice was provided by Australian actor Ray Barrett, who also performed the voice of King Titan and Lieutenant Fisher.

Barrett was born in Brisbane, Queensland on May 27, 1927. He was educated at Brisbane State High School. He was fascinated by radio from an early age and won an on-air talent competition in 1939.

He was given character and tough guy roles from an unusually young age. In Britain he played one of the lead roles in the British TV series “Emergency - Ward 10” and later played one of the main characters, hard-nosed oilman Peter Thornton, in the long-running BBC series about the oil industry, “The Troubleshooters”. Barrett would later perform the voices of John Tracy and the Hood in “Thunderbirds”.

Barrett died on September 8, 2009 at age 82 after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Lieutenant Atlanta Shore
Atlanta Shore (Born May 21, 2042 in California) is the Marineville Controller and daughter of Commander Sam Shore.

Atlanta is the daughter of WASP Commander Sam Shore and his wife Elaine. Having been a resident of the World Navy's Marineville Base since the age of 6 and constantly exposed to naval life, she naturally picked up an interest in the sea. She attended school at Marineville and picked up numerous qualifications there. She then went on to the World Naval Academy to train for the submarine service.

Unfortunately, Atlanta Shore was forced to leave the academy early after the untimely death of her mother in 2058. She returned to Marineville to tend to her father who at this time was a top World Navy aquanaut. Atlanta continued her studies at night and by correspondence course. Eventually she was able to achieve WN administrative qualifications in this manner. Disaster struck the Shore household a second time in 2060 when her father lost the use of both legs during an undersea battle with unknown forces. Though both members of the family continued to remain in the World Navy, Atlanta then assumed the additional burden of becoming her father's nurse.

Both Atlanta Shore and her father transferred over to the World Aquanaut Security Patrol when it formed in 2062. Indeed, her father was promoted to Aquanaut Commander and put in charge of the now WASP Marineville Base. In 2063 Atlanta Shore was promoted to Lieutenant and appointed Marineville Base Controller.

Atlanta Shore likes to play the piano and cook. She also enjoys taking scientific courses, particularly on underwater subjects. She is romantically involved with Troy Tempest and hopes to eventually marry him. She also enjoys spending time with George Sheridan and Marina.

Atlanta’s voice was provided by Canadian actress Lois Maxwell. Maxwell would appear in two episodes of the Anderson’s later production “UFO”.

Maxwell began her film career in the late 1940s, and won a Golden Globe Award for the New Actress of the Year for her performance in “That Hagen Girl” (1947). Following a number of small film roles, Maxwell grew dissatisfied and traveled to Italy where she worked in films from 1951 until 1955, and following her marriage, she moved to the United Kingdom where she appeared in several television productions.

She originated the role of Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise, playing the character in fourteen films, from “Dr. No” (1962) until her final performance of the character in “A View to a Kill” (1985).

Maxwell died on September 29, 2007 in Fremantle Hospital in Australia at the age of 80.

Sub-Lieutenant Fisher
Sub Lieutenant John Horatio Fisher (Born on January 25, 2043 in Oregon) is the Relief Controller at Marineville Base Control Tower.

His earliest memories are of his father taking him on a tour of a museum in which he saw his first submarine. Ever since that day, the young Fisher wanted to become a submariner. John came from a farming family and though his father had spent time in the World Navy, he was still greatly disappointed that his son showed absolutely no interest in farming.

John Fisher became a cadet in the World Navy and after a period of time joined the administrative staff at Marineville Base as Relief Controller. He trained on the side to become an aquanaut and passed a course in submarine command in 2065 despite sabotage efforts by the forces of Titan of Titanica.

Fisher works hard at whatever he does but tends to be over-eager and impulsive. These traits constantly annoy Commander Shore. He has a love of high speed which he takes out in fast cars and water sports. Eventually he would like to be the captain of his own submarine.

Fisher's puppet was used in the first episode of "Thunderbirds", "Trapped in the Sky" disguised heavily under heavy helmet and air breathing equiptment as the TX-104 Target 1 pilot.

Fisher’s voice was provided by Ray Barrett, the same actor who did the voice of Commander Sam Shore.

Marina (Born on May 28, 2046 in the underwater city of Pacifica) is the third member of the Stingray Crew.

She is actually an amphibian inhabitant of the sea rescued from slavery during the WASP's first face-to-face encounter with the underwater world. Like many other undersea races, Marina is able to breathe air as well as water. Essentially human in appearance, her only unusual physical characteristics are webbed feet and green hair.

Marina is a princess, being the daughter of Aphony, the ruler of Pacifica. Marina is extremely intelligent and artistic with special musical talents. Her mother died when she was only 8 marine years old.

Marina was captured by Titan of the underwater city of Titanica during a raid on Pacifica and enslaved for a year. She was rescued by Troy Tempest and George Sheridan after helping them escape from captivity and impending execution. Marina remains with the WASPs after here rescue and is valued for her expert knowledge of the underwater world. Unable to speak (as are all of her people), she communicates with her own kind by means of mental telepathy and with others by sign language. Marina’s people have been said to have a curse put on them by Titan, causing one of their own to die if they spoke.

Marina's hobbies include piano study and learning about the surface world. She has a pet seal named Oink which once saved Stingray from destruction by sticker bomb. Marina is romantically involved with Troy Tempest and despite competing in this arena with Atlanta Shore; she remains Atlanta's best friend.

Despite never speaking within the series in the episode “Raptures of the Deep”, Marina speaks telepathically with Troy. This is however discovered to be a dream of Troy’s. Marina’s voice was then provided by Sylvia Anderson who did the voice of Jimmy Gibson in “Supercar” and Dr. Venus in “Fireball XL5”.

Marina’s appearance was based off of French model Brigitte Bardot.

King Titan (Born on December 14, 1835 in the underwater city of Hydroma in the Pacific) is the ruler of the underwater city of Titanica and chief enemy of the surface people.

The young Titan was a scientist. Observations of nuclear weapons testing during the latter half of the 20th century convinced Titan that the existence of the underwater world should be revealed to the surface dwellers before something terrible happened. The rulers of Hydroma were afraid of the surface people and refused to disclose their existence. Hydroma was completely destroyed by a surface nuclear bomb test while Titan was out of the city in a personal submarine. He was the only survivor of this disaster and swore revenge upon the surface world.

Titan roamed the undersea world in his small sub for five years after the destruction of Hydroma charting the various underwater cities and civilizations. At one point, he killed a giant squid which attacked him and found himself surrounded by Aquaphibians. These Aquaphibians made Titan their leader in gratitude for slaying the monster who had preyed upon them with impunity. Titan led the Aquaphibians back to the ruins of Hydroma and there they built the new city of Titanica. Years of conquest followed for the next 100 years until much of the underwater world was under Titanican control. During this time, Titan nearly destroyed the underwater city of Pacifica and took the Pacifican leader Aphony's daughter Marina as his personal slave.

In 2064 Titan felt ready to take on the surface world directly and declared war by destroying the World Security Patrol submarine Seaprobe. This led to the first official encounter between the underwater and surface worlds with the capture of WASP vessel Stingray. The Stingray crew, Troy Tempest and George Sheridan were condemned to die at the underwater prison of Aquatraz but escaped with the help of Marina at the last minute. A constant state of hostilities exists between the forces of Titanica and the surface world.

For all his evil ways, Titan is still a scientist. He experiments with undersea plant life and new weapons.

Titan was also voiced by Ray Barrett. His appearance was modelled after English actor Laurence Olivier.

Surface Agent X-2-Zero
Artura (Born on April 1, 1958 in the underwater city of Khazu) codenamed Agent X-2-Zero is Titan’s surface agent.

Small in stature and cowardly, he was bullied unmercifully as a child. Scholastically inclined, Artura became a scientist and specialized in electronics.

The underwater city of Khazu was conquered by Titan and Artura immediately offered his services to his new leader to spare his life. Titan appointed him a surface agent to spy on the land people and he took on the code name X20.

X20 is based in a seemingly abandoned house located near Marineville Base on the island of Lemoy. X20 is an expert of disguise and a talented actor. He often masks his true amphibian nature to walk among the surface people.

Despite many failures, X20 is intelligent and shrewd. He often suffers from bad luck. Extremely fearful of Titan, he will do anything his master commands him to do. Because of his duties, X20 has little time for leisure or hobbies. However, he does like to play the piano and organ.

Artura was voiced by Robert Easton, who also provided the voice of Phones. Artura’s appearance was based off English actor Claude Rains, while his voice was based on Australian actor Peter Lorre.

Oink is Marina’s pet seal pup.

Oink was discovered in the episode “Sea of Oil” and has been kept by Marina as her pet ever since. Oink even once saved Stingray from Destruction by a sticker bomb. Oink of course is named after his loud oinking.

Oink’s vocals was done by David Graham who had previously worked on “Fireball XL5” as Professor Matic, “Supercar” as Dr. Beaker and “Four Feather Falls” as Grandpa Twink and Fernando.





Jeff Tracy
Jeff Tracy (Born January 2, 2009) is the patriarch of the Tracy Family and founder of International Rescue.

The son of a Kansas wheat farmer. A colonel in the US Air Force before transferring to the Space Agency, Jeff counts himself amongst the first astronauts to land on the Moon during the early days of colonization. He abandoned his space career to raise his five sons after the tragic early death of his wife.

Entrepreneurial, spirited and adventurous, Jeff's genius for civil and construction engineering made him one of the richest men in the world, giving him the ability to finance International Rescue. Intelligent, kindly and with a sense of humor, Jeff also exhibits the ability to be decisive and stern when the situation demands.

Now 56, Jeff is absolutely dedicated to the goals of International Rescue and rarely allows himself the luxury of time off from his duties.

Jeff’s appearance is suggestively based on that of Lorne Greene. Also suggesting that the Tracy Family was based off of the Cartwright’s from the TV series “Bonanza”, Greene played Ben Cartwright.

Jeff’s voice was provided by English actor Peter Dyneley, who has had various roles in very small films. Dyneley would later do the voice of “The Investigator” in the series of the same name, which was Gerry’s failed attempt at going back to Supermarionation.

Born on April 13, 1921 in Hastings, Peter Dyneley acted mostly in stage productions prior to 1954 when he began acting in films. Many of his plays and films were done with his wife, Jane Hylton. Peter appeared as a guest star in many television series. He spoke fluent French, German and Spanish and was five feet, eleven inches tall. Peter died on August 19, 1977 after a long fight against cancer.

In "Turbocharged Thunderbirds", Jeff was voiced by American Actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Zimbalist is best known for his roles in "77 Sunset Strip" and "The FBI" as well as the voice of Alred Pennyworth in "Batman: The Animated Series".

In the 2004 film, Jeff was portrayed by Bill Paxton.

Scott Tracy
Scott Tracy (Born April 4, 2039) is the eldest of the Tracy brothers at 26 years of age.

Quick-thinking and determined, Scott is always the first to arrive at the danger zone to decide which craft is required for a rescue mission.

Educated at Yale and Oxford Universities, Scott was decorated for valor during his service with the US Air Force before joining International Rescue. Fast talking and quick-thinking, Scott pilots Thunderbird 1, International Rescue's rocket-powered reconnaissance plane with a speed of 15,000 miles per hour. As well as brains, brawn, daring and drive, Scott has the confidence to make instant decisions backed by a fierce determination and unfaltering bravery. Always the first to arrive at the danger zone, Scott assesses the situation and quickly determines which special rescue equipment will be required for the task at hand.

His complete lack of arrogance enables him to assist his brothers in even the most menial of tasks. In addition to his Thunderbird 1 duties, Scott often co-pilots Thunderbird 3 with his brother Alan and whenever his father Jeff is absent, Scott's seniority places him in command of the island headquarters.

Scott is named after astronaut Scott Carpenter. His appearance is based primarily off of Sean Connery of “James Bond” fame. Pilot Paul Travers in “Thunderbirds Are Go” along with Captain Gray in “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” would also be based on Connery.

Scott’s voice was provided by Canadian actor Shane Rimmer, who would maintain a long acting relationship with Gerry Anderson. Doing uncredited voices in “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” and “Joe 90”, with roles in Gerry’s other live action series and his stop-motion gumshoe “Dick Spanner P.I.” playing Dick Spanner.

In the 1994 redubs of the series, Scott's voice was provided by American actor David Naughton, best known for his roles in the horror film "An American Werewolf in London" and the 1980 Walt Disney comedy  "Midnight Madness".

In the 2004 movie, Scott was portrayed by Phillip Winchester. In the movie Scott was the middle brother at 24 years, while John and Virgil were now the eldest.


John Tracy
John Tracy (Born October 8, 2040) is the second of the Tracy Brothers at 25 years of age.

John was educated at Harvard and followed in his father's footsteps to become an astronaut prior to his involvement with International Rescue.

An electronics expert with a degree in laser communication, John is the quietest and most intellectual of the Tracy brothers. Slighter in build than his siblings, he is tremendously lithe and graceful.

As space monitor for International Rescue, stationed aboard the massive space satellite Thunderbird 5, John has ample time on his hands to indulge his favorite pastime astronomy. Four astronomy and outer space text books have been published bearing his name and his incessant space searching led to the discovery of the Tracy quasar system.

John is relayed every few months or so by Alan as they both are astronauts.

John is named after astronaut John Glenn. His appearance is based off of both Charlton Heston and Adam Faith.

He was the least favorite character by Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson. John was originally meant to have a role as a pilot of one of the Thunderbirds craft, this dislike contributed to John being up on Thunderbird 5 for the series. Also contributing as to why John was not included in the Christmas episode on land (also the last episode).

John’s voice was provided by Australian actor Ray Barrett, who had previously worked on Anderson’s previous series “Stingray”. Barrett also provided the voice of The Hood.

In “Thunderbird 6”, John’s voice was provided by Keith Alexander since Barrett went back to his homeland Australia.

In the 2004 movie, John was portrayed by Lex Shrapnel. In the movie, John was now the eldest brother.

Virgil Tracy
Virgil Tracy (Born August 15, 2041) is the middle Tracy brother.

The most serious of the Tracy brothers, Virgil is a mere 24 years old. Virgil possesses a demeanor and maturity well beyond his years. An accomplished graduate of the Denver School of Advanced Technology, his mechanical dexterity makes him the ideal pilot of Thunderbird 2, International Rescue's heavy rescue transporter.

Like his brothers, Virgil never places technology above human needs - even if it means placing his own life in danger. As a result, Virgil is always on hand taking part in virtually every daring situation in which International Rescue is involved. Fearless and with an iron resolve, Virgil is also a complex young man who combines physical strength with his gentler side as a gifted artist and painter.

Virgil is named after astronaut Virgil Grissom.

Virgil was voiced by American Actor David Holliday during the first series. Holliday was recommended to Anderson for the role by Matt Zimmermann (Alan) He would later be voiced by Canadian Actor Jeremy Wilkin after Holiday left due to a combination of money disagreements and moving back to America.

David Holliday was born on August 4, 1937 and was primarily a broadway actor. Holliday's longest-running role on Broadway was that of Richard Kiley's alternate as Don Quixote in "Man of La Mancha", from 1965 to 1971. His next performance, as Georges in "Coco", (1969 – 1970) earned him a Theatre World Award. He also appeared in the musicals "Nevertheless They Laugh" (Off Broadway 1971), "Music Is" (1976) and "Perfectly Frank" (1980), and took on the role of the innkeeper in the 1992 revival of Man of La Mancha.

David Holliday died from Cancer on March 26, 1999, 26 years to the day as Sir Nöel Coward (26 March 1973), and the same month as Richard Kiley (5 March 1999).

In "Turbocharged Thunderbirds", Virgils voice was also provided by David Naughton.

In the 2004 movie, Virgil was portrayed by Dominic Colenso. He was the second eldest brother in the movie.

Gordon Tracy
Gordon Tracy (Born February 14, 2043) is the fourth Tracy Brother.

Gordon Tracy revels in all water sports, from skin-diving to water-skiing. A highly-trained aquanaut with stints in the Submarine Service and the World Aquanaut Security Patrol under his belt, Gordon is an expert oceanographer and the designer of a unique underwater breathing apparatus, which he has modified and improved for International Rescue.

As the pilot of Thunderbird 4, Gordon commands the world's most advanced and versatile one-man submarine. Good-natured and high-spirited, he possesses a strength and tenacity that make him a respected leader and commander. He is also one of the world's fastest freestyle swimmers and is a past Olympic champion at the butterfly stroke.

Gordon is named after astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Gordon’s voice was performed by David Graham, who also does the voice of Brains, Parker and Kyrano in the series.

In the 2004 movie, Gordon was portrayed by Ben Torgerson. In the movie Gordon co-pilots Jeff in Thunderbird 3 and is still training at a mere 18 years of age.

Alan Tracy
Alan Tracy (Born March 12, 2044) is the youngest of the Tracy Brothers.

Caring and romantic, he has a love of motor-racing and was a champion driver prior to becoming the pilot of Thunderbird 3, International Rescue's massive space rocket. The blond-haired, baby-faced astronaut is utterly dedicated to International Rescue, meeting his tremendous responsibilities with a maturity that belies his years. Yet there are times when his father still sees him as the college student whose rocket experiments went haywire and accordingly treats him like a wayward schoolboy.

Educated at Colorado University, Alan is a great sportsman and practical joker. However, he is not without his quiet side and likes nothing better than to explore the rocks and potholes located in the more inaccessible points of Tracy Island. Apart from piloting Thunderbird 3, Alan also assists his brother John by taking turns at manning the Thunderbird 5 space station.

Alan is named after astronaut Alan Shepard. His appearance is initially based off of Robert Reed

Alan was voiced by Canadian actor Matt Zimmerman. Zimmerman was a contemporary of Ed Bishop (Captain Blue) while studying drama at LAMDA. In “Trapped in the Sky”, Alan’s mere one line dialogue was provided by Ray Barrett as Zimmerman had yet to be hired for the role.

Zimmerman has made appearances in an episode of "Space: 1999" and voiced Shooty in the radio production of "The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy"

In "Turbocharged Thunderbirds", Alan was voiced by American voice actor Dan Castellaneta, renowned for his role of Homer Simpson in "The Simpsons". Castellaneta has won four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his work on the show as well as an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in the Field of Animation in 1993. He is also known as the voice of Grandpa in the classic Nickelodeon TV Series "Hey Arnold" and the voice of "Earthworm Jim". Alans name was always misspelled as Allen.

In the 2004 movie, Alan was portrayed by Brady Corbet. The movie itself revolved more around Alan along with Tin-Tin and Fermat Hackenbacker (made up son of Brains). In the movie Alan was only 14 years of age and attends Wharton academy. Alan in the movie only strives to pilot one of the Thunderbirds craft in the future.

Lady Penelope
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (Born December 24, 2039) is the London Agent for International Rescue.

Lady Penelope is the twenty-six-year-old daughter of aristocrat Sir Hugh Creighton-Ward and his wife, Amelia. The first years of Lady Penelope’s life were spent at Creighton-Ward Mansion thereafter her father was requested by the government to go to India to organize a tea-growing community. However, Lady Penelope didn’t agree with the Indian climate and returned without her parents to England, where she was put into the care of a governess, Miss Pemberton, to whom she quickly bonded.

At the age of eleven Lady Penelope was sent to Rowden, an exclusive girls' boarding school where she excelled in many subjects and became very popular among her peers; she was later elected head girl. Upon leaving Rowden Lady Penelope went to a finishing school in Switzerland where she became a skilled skier and linguist, being able to speak French, German and Italian as well as a native.

On the outside Lady Penelope is just another member of the British high society and also a fashion icon. But, after completing her education in Buckinghamshire she rejected the aristocracy's endless round of social engagements and became a secret agent. It was while working as the chief operative of the Federal Agents Bureau that Lady Penelope first met Jeff Tracy, and she immediately accepted his invitation to become International Rescue’s London Agent.

Lady Penelope is stylish and fashionable in almost every aspect of her life. Lady Penelope is a world renowned supermodel and celebrity and has appeared on the cover of Chic magazine. Her clothes are specially created for her by top fashion designers like Elaine Wickfern and François Lemaire, who named a revolutionary new fabric "Penelon" after her. She wears an exclusive perfume called "Soupçon de Péril", mixed for her by Jacques Verre. Whenever Lady Penelope is in Paris she always drinks Pernod. Lady Penelope takes tea almost religiously and can communicate with International Rescue via her Regency tea pot.

Lady Penelope’s voice was provided by Sylvia Anderson whom her appearance is based upon. In the 2004 movie, Penelope was portrayed by Sophia Myles. Unlike other aspects of the movie, Myles performance as Lady Penelope was praised.

In "Turbocharged Thunderbirds", Lady Penelope was voiced by South African/British actor Glynis Barber, who is best known for her roles of Glenda Mitchell in "EastEnders" and Sergeant Harriet Makepeace in "Dempsey & Makepeace"

Aloysius “Nosey” Parker (Born May 30, 2013) is Lady Penelope’s butler and chauffeur.

Parker is employed by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward as her butler in Creighton-Ward Mansion and as her chauffeur driving a modified pink Rolls-Royce called FAB1. Both Lady Penelope and Parker are International Rescue agents.

He is a reformed criminal, having spent time in prison for being a cat burglar and safecracker. His criminal activities coupled with his prominent facial features earned him the nickname "Nosey". He was rescued from a life of crime by Lady Penelope who employed him to aid her in her espionage activities. Parker's underworld contacts frequently come in useful during the pair's missions.

Parker is from London and speaks with a strong cockney accent, although he feebly attempts to speak with Received Pronunciation.

Parker’s voice was provided by British actor David Graham. According to Graham, his voice and appearance was heavily influenced by a Diner worker who at one time worked for the Royal household when Gerry and David went to Lunch over discussions on the series.

In the 2004 movie, Parker was portrayed by Ron Cook.

Brains (Born November 14, 2040) is the Scientific Genius behind International Rescue and their engineer.

Brains was orphaned at a young age when a hurricane struck his Michigan home. He was adopted at the age of 12 by a Cambridge University professor who recognized the boy's genius and encouraged his phenomenal learning abilities.

During a worldwide search for a brilliant scientist who could help him accomplish his plans for International Rescue, Jeff Tracy discovered Brains nervously delivering a lecture at a cultural hall in Paris. Brains recognized in Jeff Tracy a philanthropic entrepreneur striving to save mankind and accepted Jeff's challenge without hesitation.

As the inventor of all of International Rescue's dazzling machines, Brains is an esteemed and valuable part of the secret organisation. An incurable perfectionist, the 25 year old is never satisfied with his creations and is often to be found endlessly modifying and tinkering with his machines.

His idea of off-duty relaxation includes studying trigonometry and thermodynamics, while designing new ways of improving Braman, a robot that he hopes will one day defeat him at chess. To protect his identity in the outside world while developing incredible new machines and aircraft for business and industry, Brains goes by the alias Hiram K. Hackenbacker, also going by the name of Mr. X when designing Skyship One. His real name is unknown.

Brains voice was performed by David Graham as well. Brains’ voice is noted as a classic nerd voice with a stutter in most sentences.

In the 2004 movie, Brains was portrayed by Anthony Edwards. In the movie his real name was indeed Hiram Hackenbacker, and he was also given a son named Fermat Hackenbacker. In the original series, any details of Brains relationship-wise are ungiven.

Tin-Tin Kyrano (Born June 20, 2043) is the daughter of Kyrano and a scientific assistant for International Rescue.

Tin-Tin, which is Malaysian means "sweet", is the daughter of the Tracy's faithful family retainer, and the unlikely half-niece of their arch-enemy the Hood. Her education in America and Europe was paid for by Jeff Tracy as a measure of repayment for her father's loyal services. She graduated with degrees in higher mathematics, advanced technical theory and engineering.

Her educational degrees in higher mathematics and advanced technical theory and engineering assured Tin Tin of a regular job with the International Rescue team. Her knowledge fits in closely with that of the organisation's engineer, Brains, who calls upon her for assistance in laboratory experiments.

Constantly checking and organising the maintenance of all the Thunderbird machines, she has repaid Jeff Tracy over and over for his generosity in financing her schooling.

Also a qualified pilot, Tin-Tin’s main interests outside her work includes water-skiing, swimming and designing her own clothes. She enjoys a playful relationship with Alan, whom she adores.

Tin-Tin’s voice was provided by British actress Christine Finn. Finn’s career beyond her voices in the series did not progress very far. She worked on the 1958–59 television serial “Quatermass and the Pit” as Barbara Judd. She also performed on radio, the stage and film during her career from the 1940s through to the mid-1970s.

In the 1994 FOX Kids redubs of the series, Tin-Tin's voice was provided by Dena Mauer.

Christine Finn died on December 5, 2007

In the 2004 film, Tin-Tin was portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens of “High School Musical” fame. In the movie, Tin-Tin was only 13 years old and like in the original series she had romantic feelings for Alan, however it was merely a crush rather than the relationship in the series. She was also shown to have some of the powers that her step-uncle “The Hood” obtained.

Kyrano (first name unknown, birth records lost) is the grateful manservant of Jeff Tracy.

Kyrano is the father of Tin-Tin and the half brother of The Hood and acts as a manservant in the Tracy household, sharing domestic duties with Grandma Tracy. Kyrano is renowned for serving tea and coffee within the house and is upset when Parker tries to take this duty from him.

Kyrano is an old friend of Jeff Tracy and has lived all over the world, pursuing careers as a chef in Paris, gardener in England, and producing synthetic foods from plants for astronauts.

Kyrano was heir to a rubber plantation fortune in Malaysia, but was cheated out of it by The Hood. Following this, Kyrano decided to withdraw from the world of material gain and spend the rest of his life meditating. When Jeff offered him a role at the Tracy house for himself and Tin-Tin upon International Rescue's foundation, Kyrano accepted.

Kyrano's half brother The Hood has hypnotic power over Kyrano which he sometimes uses to extract information on International Rescue and its secrets. The power causing Kyrano to collapse to the ground from apparently strong stomach pains. Kyrano never mentions this to anyone, and it can be presumed that Kyrano never remembers these events as he would inform Jeff of them; such is his loyalty to him.

A widower, Kyrano's full name is never revealed in the series and he seems happy to be referred to by his surname.

Kyrano’s voice was also provided by David Graham. In the 2004 movie, Kyrano was portrayed by Bhasker Patel. In the movie Kyrano gained a wife named Onaha. Also in the movie Kyrano’s is truly his surname, his last name is given as Belagant. His nationality is also changed from Malaysian to Indian.

The Hood
Bela Ghat (Born July 17, 2018 according to his criminal records), nicknamed The Hood due to his mastery in disguises is the main villain and adversary of International Rescue.

The Hood's precise origins are unknown, though it is known that he is the half-brother of Kyrano, the precise details of their relationship- such as which parent they share or which of them is the elder- remain a mystery, as do the origin of his mysterious hypnotic powers.

What is known for certain about the Hood is that he possesses a significant reputation among the less ethical groups of the world, as he has been shown to be contacted by spy agencies or military generals seeking information or for a target to be eliminated. He regularly spends his time in a strange Aztec-themed temple in the heart of an unspecified jungle, which features a statue of Kyrano that he regularly stands in front of when communicating with his brother, as well as other high-tech equipment that he uses to monitor his enemies and prepare his plans.

However, his driving goal is to discover the secrets of the Thunderbirds machines and use them for his own goals. To this end he has been known to create several disasters in an attempt to photograph their machines in action. However, these plans invariably failed, either through direct intervention on the part of International Rescue and their agents or through his own mistakes.

Although capable of coming up with sophisticated plans, the Hood commonly shows as to having a short temper and to be very poor at improvisation when his schemes don't work out the way he had planned. His arrogance is also a noteworthy handicap.

The Hood’s name is never revealed only through commercials and merchandising. His real name is mentioned as “Bela Ghat” in issue 65 of “Thunderbirds: the Comics” and “Countdown to Action” by Joan Marie Verba. Not necessarily is this official information but some people enjoy some closure, me being one of them.

The Hood’s voice was performed by Ray Barrett. In “Thunderbird 6”, a villain called Black Phantom is shown, this of which used the Hood’s puppet. Some fans question whether or not this is truly the Hood in disguise as Ray Barrett had moved back to Australia by the time the film was made and the character was voiced by Gary Files instead.

Another aspect is that The Hood was supposedly killed off in “Thunderbirds Are Go!” though some fans debate this as the Hood has faced certain death situations before and always survived.

In the 1994 redubs of the series, The Hood was voiced by Malachi Throne, most noted for his roles in "Star Trek" and "It Takes Two". The Hood also was working for some spirit called "The Attrocinator", which was a role played by a real actor. The actor being Tim Curry, noted for his roles of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and the Lord of Darkness in the film "Legend", also as the voice of Nigel in the classic Nickelodeon TV show "The Wild Thornberrys".

In the 2004 movie, The Hood was portrayed by British actor Ben Kingsley, renowned for portraying Mohandas Gandhi in the film “Gandhi” (1982). In the movie The Hood is given the name Trangh Belagant. He holds a grudge on the Tracy’s for unknowingly leaving him for dead when his illegal diamond mines in Malaysia collapsed. The lower half of his face in the movie is said to be artificial thanks to the accident.

Grandma Tracy
Grandma Tracy (real name unknown, birth date unknown) is the mother of Jeff Tracy.

Little is known about Grandma Tracy's past, and her real name is never mentioned on screen with all the characters, even sometimes her son Jeff calling her "Grandma".

She was married to a Kansas wheat farmer but became widowed some time before International Rescue begun and helped Jeff bring up his five sons after the untimely death of his wife. During International Rescue's early days she lived alone, near San Miguel, Colorado, however she began miss feeling useful so decided to move to Tracy Island.

Shortly after winning the Parola Sands Race, her Grandson Alan Tracy picks her up so she can move to Tracy Island. Unfortunately, a racing competitor of Alan's takes revenge and Grandma finds herself having to sit still on a bridge spanning the San Miguel River with Alan due to a bomb that has been placed under the bridge to exact revenge. If either of them moved, the bomb would detonate. She and Alan are rescued by her grandsons, allowing Grandma to see first hand the work that her family did, and she moved into the Tracy home

As the family matriarch, Grandma keeps her family together, offering wisdom and advice for her family and the others in the household such as Tin-Tin. Together with Kyrano and sometimes Tin-Tin, Grandma takes care of the domestic chores in the Tracy house, though she can sometimes be confused by all the technological gadgetry, getting tracking bugs mixed into her apple pie at one point, though she is able to work a nuclear oven.

Although not an active part of International Rescue, Grandma still plays a role when she’s needed to be. She has been known to help her grandsons put together what equipment they need and it is her who comes up with a solution for a rescue mission in the Bank of England when everyone else is stuck

Grandma Tracy was voiced by Christine Finn, who also did the voice of Tin-Tin.

Grandma Tracy did not appear in the 2004 film, she was presumably replaced by Onaha; the wife of Kyrano made for the movie.