The World of Supermarionation

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"Star Fleet"
Note that little information regarding the characters such as birthdates or ages have been written up, unlike the Gerry Anderson Supermarionation series. What is on here has been taken off the character bios on the DVD along with other places from the net and deductions from the episodes. The two main sources were dug up here

Shiro Hagen
Shiro Hagen (aged 18 or 20) is the orphaned son of Professor Saburo Hagen, the creator of the X-Project program. Being orphaned, Shiro spent most of his childhood in training on Earth, and now prefers not to talk about his father's exploits, wishing one day to be known for his deeds. After graduating from Space Warrior Training School, he was chosen to crew the X-Bomber, newly launched to spearhead the fight against the Imperial Alliance. In Shiro's case the selection could have something to do with him being the Professor's son.

His primary duty is being in charge of the X-Bomber’s power systems but he occasionally acts as the main pilot. As leader of the X-Bomber crew, Shiro has a great number of responsibilities. He is in charge of the tactics and piloting the Bomber, and is a superb marksman. He is the main pilot of the Dai-X taking control of the BrainCom fighter (which forms the Dai-X’s head in combined form, from where he controls power systems). He has a strong sense of justice and fights the Imperial Alliance with a furious intensity.

He is attracted to the mysterious Lamia (though his attempts to get close to her are always thwarted by her bodyguard, the devoted Kirara) and struggles to deal with the apparent treachery of his mentor, Captain Carter.

Shiro is never seen without his helmet, the closest with it being off being whenever he's in his space suit.

Shiro’s voice was provided by American actor Jay Benedict. Benedict is best known for his minor role of Captain John Kieffer in the British Television series “Foyle’s War”. He also played Russ Jorden in James Cameron’s “Aliens” (the sequel to the original 1979 film by Ridley Scott). In the original Japanese dubs, Shiro’s name was originally Shirô Ginga and was voiced by Toshio Furukawa. The name Shiro Ginga had literally meant "White Galaxy" in Japanese.

Barry Hercules
Barry Hercules (aged 18 or 20) is a young man who, like Shiro is a graduate of the Space Warrior Training School. He and Shiro were friendly rivals, both trying to be the top of the school.

He is of the blood of the Masai tribe and his bravery in action when facing the greatest dangers inspires the respect of his colleagues. He is in charge of weapons system for X-Bomber and Dai-X (piloting the MainBody fighter unit that forms the Dai-X’s chest and arms) and handles all weapons with skill and dexterity. An excellent marksman, merciless in battle, Hercules is the perfect product of military training, totally indoctrinated by the rulebook.

Barry Hercules is one of those people who rarely show their feelings, even when those feelings may be very strong indeed. Hercules has a brusque, no-nonsense attitude and a dangerously short fuse. If there's something on his mind, he'll say it, so clashes with PPA and skepticism over Lamia's powers are common. However, he's fiercely protective and loyal whatever his opinions are.

He faces the enemy with no concern for his personal safety. Barry is also in love with Lamia, an aspect of his character which leads to the increasing of an already tense situation between himself and Shiro. Although he has many arguments with his colleagues because of his unyielding character, he is pure of heart and really quite a cheerful soul. Sartorially he favours battle fatigues and his only relaxation seems to be his hobby, playing the guitar.

Barry was voiced by Constantine Gregory (often credited as Constantine de Goguel). Gregory played Colonel Wharton in the 1995 historical film “England, My England”, Stanley in “Back in the U.S.S.R” and more recently in the 2009 adaptation of the anime horror film of the same name, “Blood: The Last Vampire” as Mr. Henry. Also note that Gregory made small guest appearances in Gerry Anderson’s 1994 live action series “Space Precinct”. Barry was originally called Bongo Heracles in the original Japanese dubs and voiced by Shiguru Chiba.

John Lee
John “Fatty” Lee (aged 18 or 20) is a young man who becomes an ideal partner to Shiro and Hercules, also a graduate of the Space Warrior Training School. Stuck in a butterball body topped by carrot coloured hair cut in a pudding basin style, and 

Like Shiro and Hercules, he was assigned to the X-Bomber, taking charge of communications and radar spotting. He assists Shiro in piloting the combined Dai-X, taking control of the legs section – LegTrax.lumbered with the voice of a village idiot, Lee amply fills the stereotype of comic relief fall guy.

Tolerant and fairly laid back with a gentle nature, he provides a balance to his more hot headed friends. His happy-go-lucky personality helps him along considerably when, quite often, he's caught in the middle of the rivalry between Barry and Shiro. John Lee comes across as a little cowardly in the series, and is very much there for the comic relief side of things. He has the largest appetite among the crew and cannot help eating whenever he is worried. His only fault is that he often sleeps while on duty.

John Lee was voiced by American actor Mark Rolston, who like Jay Benedict has had many sci-fi roles. Rolston is perhaps well known for his role of PFC M. Drake in “Aliens”, Hans in “Lethal Weapons 2” , Stef in “RoboCop 2” and Agent Russ in “Rush Hour”. In the original Japanese dubs, John Lee was suitably called “Bigman Lee” and voiced by Naoki Tatsuta.

Dr. Benn Robinson
Dr. Benn (Age 42, Born 2957, according to his tombstone in the episode “M13: Full Frontal Attack Begins”, other material cites him as 50) is one of the top scientists in the solar system and the man in charge of the X-Project after disappearance of Professor Saburo Hagen, he posses the widest knowledge of mechanical science, also becoming Lamia's caretaker afterwards.

The Doctor is a peace-loving man, and would much prefer the Bomber to be used as a space laboratory instead of a warship. However, he recognizes the need to destroy the threat of the evil Imperial Alliance, and the part that the Bomber must play in that.

Always calm and self composed with watchful eyes that monitor all situations correctly, he has the ability to create instant and bold strategies. He is never without his pipe. Dr. Benn captains X-Bomber and is in charge of navigation. Strict when instructing the team, he is actually quite broad minded in teaching them effectively, according to their characters and abilities. Benn is regarded with something approaching awe by his young crew.

Benn is killed in the 19th episode of the series, “F-01 Assassination Plot” by Professor Caliban’s newest creation “The Bionic Assassin”. Benn was scratched by the poisonous scythe on the Creatures left arm while trying to wrestle it away from Lamia. The death of Dr. Benn (along with the death of Captain Carter) helped create further determination by the X-Bomber crew to destroy the Imperial Alliance. He was buried on planet Callinean.

Dr. Benn was voiced by English actor Peter Marinker, who is well known for his role as Kiichi Goto in the “Patlabor” series as well as his many audio book recordings. Marinker according to Lewis Eldman (English dubber for the Japanese series) was his first choice for any character in the series. Marinker attributed to the “Making of Documentary” in the 2009 DVD set. In the original Japanese dubs, Dr. Benn was voiced by Mikio Terashima.

Princess Lamia Pizarees (Age 16 (Unsurprising pedophilia....), based on Japanese Material, however looks older, this might simply be Esperian years however) is a Mysterious and beautiful girl, assistant to Dr. Benn Robinson and a member of Moonbase’s radar team. Generally rather wet, (perhaps only being surpassed by Princess Keeli in episode 11) she does occasionally surprise us with a little Princess Leia-like spunkiness.

Lamia was discovered in a space capsule which crash landed on Mars when she was a baby and she was raised by Shiro’s father, Professor Hagen. After Professor Hagen’s disappearance, Lamia was brought up by his good friend Dr. Benn Robinson, later becoming his secretary.

In order to try and discover her true identity, she joins the crew of X-Bomber assisting Shiro and the others. Pure of heart with a passionate dislike of war and conflict, she hopes that by fighting with the X-Bomber team, she can help bring an end to the fighting. Despite the rivalry of Shiro and Barry, Lamia never treats either of them any differently from the other, and is always warm and affectionate to everyone. At times she shows great strength; giving the other members of the crew a boost to their morale should they be facing a particularly hazardous mission.

Later in the series, Lamia is discovered to be a child from the planet of mystics, Esper, and a member of the Pazarees royal family. Shortly after her birth a seer predicts that she will come to have great power. As a result, the Alliance assault Esper and level the place. Lamia and a few others escape on a ship which is either the same class as the Skull, or in fact was the Skull. Eluding the Alliance, they put their faith in mankind and send the infant Lamia to Mars with Kirara while seeking refuge elsewhere. It is also discovered that she is indeed the mysterious F0-1 that Commander Makara and Captain Orion of the Imperial Alliance seek, destined to become the goddess who brings peace to the universe.

At the end of the series, Lamia does indeed become so and defeats the Imperial Master in the series climax. Though Lamia does not survive mortally, she only lives as F0-1.

Lamia was voiced by Liza Ross. Ross is the wife of Captain Carter’s voice actor, Garrick Hagon. Ross has a very limited filmography, perhaps most notably as Mom in Tim Burton’s 1989 film “Batman” which starred Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Another notable role is that of Jacky Oppenheimer, wife of Frank Oppenheimer (a role also played by Garrick Hagon) in the British TV miniseries “Oppenheimer”.

In the original Japanese dubs, Lamia was voiced by Mami Koyama. In the French dub of the series, Lamia was renamed "Florian". An old concept sketch of Lamia seems to show her hair having buns similar to that of Princess Lea from “Star Wars” (this was probably changed for copyright reasons). The fact that there was ever a princess in the series was most likely a direct inspiration from the "Star Wars" series.

Cyberdroid PPA (Perfectly Programmed Android) is a robot made by Dr. Benn Robinson.

He possesses all data on the X-Project and X-Bomber as well as comprehensive data on all star systems throughout the universe. He is in charge of all navigation, mechanical systems checks and repairs.

Plainly not an android (a humanoid shaped robot), PPA can hover utilising winglike panels on the side of its 'head', and is equipped with a retractable claw to lift heavy or awkward objects.

Although he is a robot, he gets restless and short tempered. He becomes incredibly indignant when they don't follow his commands. He has a very annoying superior attitude to the rest of the crew, leading them to insult him and treat him rather as they do Kirara. His feelings are often hurt by this treatment, but he has brought it upon himself. Because he nags and issues instructions in a domineering tone, Shiro and the others give him a wide berth when they can but also have a quiet respect for his abilities.

Though he could be dismissed as a poor man's C3PO or a precursor of the Zeroids in "Terrahawks", PPA (at least in the English dub) has a camp charm all his own.

PPA was voiced by British actor John Baddeley. Baddeley is probably better known as the voice of the Mailman in the British version of “Dennis the Menace” and as Mr. Llyod in the TV Mini-series "Jane Eyre" (1973). He was also the voice of Top Hat, the posh Railway Tug in “TUGS”, the little known sister show to the popular “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends”. Baddeley also took part of the radio show “The Archers” along with Garrick Hagon (Captain Carter)

In the original Japanese dubs, PPA was called PP Adamsky and voiced by Yûji Mitsuya.

Kirara is a space monster and bodyguard to Lamia.

A pet monster from Planet Esper, he stowed away on Lamia’s spaceship and ever since has been watching over her as she grows up. Although unable to speak, Kirara has guarded Lamia devotedly since her birth, being first her nursemaid and then her bodyguard, and will allow no one to harm her. Sometimes, Kirara goes a little far in refusing to allow any friendly contact between his mistress and the crew of the X- Bomber, but they all know and respect the extent of his devotion, and know just where to draw the line.

He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility and is always on Lamia’s side. Usually placid, once angered he fights with a superhuman strength and is difficult to subdue. He does not speak and expresses his feelings with growls and gestures.

In the last episode, Kirara is shot into space on the Skull by the Imperial Planet. Whether this means Kirara is dead though is truly unclear as he has shown that he can survive gun shot and shows he has no need to breathe.

Commander Makara
Commander Makara is the chosen emmisary of the Imperial Alliance Space Army. Makara commands its flagship battlecruiser.

Makara has fiery red hair and three eyes to match; two belong to the tiny mask that covers her left eye. Though this appears to be a decorative part of her helmet it is in fact a symbiotic dual personality through which she communicates (in a male voice) with her master. Her right arm has also been replaced with a vicious-looking biomechanical replica.

As evidenced by Princess Keeli's testimony, Makara had been dominating entire planets for some time before the events in Star Fleet. Earth would have been no exception if that'd been her primary mission, but it wasn't.

Ordered to capture the F0-1 (Lamia) who stands in the way of the Imperial Alliance’s ambition to conquer the universe, she advances into Earth’s solar system under the Imperial Master’s orders. She considers the people of Earth inferior and arrogantly orders that they give up F0-1. An able warrior with good strategy, she is nevertheless defeated by the X-Bomber crew, acknowledging them as worthy opponents and a good match.

Proud, ruthless and slightly unstable mentally, she is nonetheless devoted to the service of her master, until the strain of her repeated failures drives her over the edge and she becomes obsessed with destroying, rather than capturing, F-01. She often faces the prospect of dire punishment from the Imperial Master due to this fact, but her faith in herself and the justice of her mission is unshakeable, and generally she can persuade the Imperial Master to allow her one more chance.

Makara is killed in the episode “Board the Imperial Mother Ship” when she attacked the crippled X-Bomber. As the crew were unable to penetrate the new forcefield system that Professor Caliban had installed, the crew had to penetrate the ship with Dai-X and destroy it from within. She was able to escape the bridge though was killed when Hercules used Dai-X’s arms to punch her through the circuitry of the ship. Ironically, Makara and Caliban probably could have survived to the end of the series if they hadn't used the forcefield.

Makara was voiced by Denise Bryer with a slight German accent. Almost 30 years earlier, Bryer worked on Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation series Four Feather Falls” as Ma Jones and Little Jake. Bryer would also go onto voices of Captain Mary Falconer and Zelda in Anderson’s return to Supermarionation, “Terrahawks”. The face on the left side of her face’s voice actor is unlisted but may have also been Jacob Witkin, the voice of the Imperial Master.

In the original Japanese dubs, Commander Makara was Bloody Mary a.k.a. the Angel of Death (an obviously fitting name but not as creative as Makara) and was voiced by Rihoko Yoshida. In the original series, Makara/Mary was mearly a Captain until promoted to Commander in episode 18. This position is replaced with her wishing to become a member of the Imperial Council in the English dub.

Captain Orion
Captain Orion is the snivelling Zombie-like attack leader of the Imperial Alliance Army under Commander Makara.

As with all the Imperial Master's subjects, one eye (the right) is covered by an ornate implant, in Orion's case in the form of a centipede. His left arm is mechanical, ending in a cruel pincher.

Assisting Commander Makara with strategic planning, he instructs fighter carriers and fighter units directly. Despite this, Orion does not have much say in what goes on; Makara is always there to give her own orders. Orion tends to spend most of his time carrying out Makara's wishes and accepting the blame when things go wrong, a relationship that echoes "Stingray"'s X2 Zero and Titan, as indeed does Orion's Peter Lorre-clone voice. Despite the frequent tongue-lashings, Orion is desperate to win the approval of his mistress.

If Orion was in Makara's position his actions would be just as evil, if not more evil than hers. He has ambitions for promotion to a higher rank in the army by distinguishing himself in action. He is good with cold and mean strategy, but is a timid person and often makes errors at the last minute. He has also become attracted by the beauty of his target, Lamia.

Orion's main characteristic is his stupidity - he always goes along with Makara's schemes, even when it is obvious that they will fail, and it is this which helps to ensure that the Imperial Alliance will never attain the ultimate Power it longs for.

In the end, mortally wounded by a falling beam, he asks Caliban if Makara is aware of his condition. "She is splendidly indifferent to your suffering" comes the reply. After which he summons up his courage and dies after making a rash and ultimately suicidal solo attack on the X-Bomber.

Captain Orion was voiced by British actor Sean Barrett with a German accent. Barrett is probably best known for doing the voice of Warrior in “TUGS, along with John Baddeley (PPA). He also provided the voice of Tik-Tok in “Return to Oz”.

In the original Japanese dubs, Captain Orion was called Lieutenant Kozlo and was voiced by Reizô Nomoto. Kozlo/Orion was Lieutenant in the original series until being promoted to Captain in episode 18, throughout the English adaptation Orion was Captain.

The Imperial Master
The Imperial Master is the king and imperial ruler of the Imperial Alliance, who brings great cruelty to the universe, feared by all and called the Devil, a typical Go Nagai evil megalomaniac seeking total domination of the entire galaxy.

He is a monstrous figure standing about fifteen feet tall, swathed in a black cape, with a head seemingly composed of living rock embedded with human skulls and bristling with ornate blade like structures a relatively discreet design by Nagai standards.

His goal is to rule the universe and to achieve this; he launches repeated, cold blooded attacks. His heartless and inhuman actions are not only directed towards his enemies but also against his own people when they fail to meet his expectations.

It is said that the Ultimate Power is on Earth, and although no one knows what that power is, the Imperial Master is determined to grasp it and keep it for himself. His attacks on Earth are made for this purpose, and so it is vital that Earth's defenses and X-Bomber succeed in fighting off this threat. A universe ruled by someone as evil as the Imperial Master would mean the end of all freedom, and possibly even the end of the universe.

He is scared of Lamia’s growing power and ability to thwart his ambitions and orders Commander Makara to find and imprison her. Thanks to the incompetence of Commander Makara and Captain Orion, he decides to take matters into his own hands at the end of the series and assaults Earth directly, leading to a final confrontation with the F-01. Despite wielding a huge sword and being able to fire destructive beams from his eyes, he proves no match for the reborn Lamia, resulting in the total destruction of his base.

As a counterpoint to Star Fleet's General Kyle, the Imperial Master also has two advisors, though they only appear in the last couple of episodes and remain nameless. Equally useless as advisors, they are both from different alien species, and like all the other so-called Alliance subjects they appear to have been made into cyborgs with head and arm implants to control them.

The Imperial Master was played by a man in costume during that last three episodes rather than a puppet, presumably to facilitate his incessant gesticulations as he rants. In episode 9 and 18, where he is shown with smaller characters, his puppet was shot seperately and superimposed above the smaller backdrop. The actor under the suit and solenoid mask was puppet operator Toru Kubo. A Behind the Scenes option on the series DVD on the 4th disk shows a picture of Kubo in the suit with the mask off (right). The main difference between the puppet and the mask is the size difference (the mask head is a bit wider in comparison with the puppet head).

The Imperial Master was voiced by actor Jacob Witkin. Witkin mainly provides voices for video games, more notably as Morgan Katarn in “Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Dark Forces II”. He appears as small roles in various movie or television titles mainly as Mr. Mosgorovsky in “The Seven Dials Mystery”. In the original Japanese dubs, the Imperial Master had a name; Emporer Gelma and was voiced by Banjô Ginga. His name is still present in text on the original series in episode 22.

The lower ranking chattering robotic soldiers positioned throughout the Imperial Alliance army. Nervous, cowardly, and not terribly efficient, they pilot the taskforce battlecruiser, Drone carriers and Astrofighters, along with other menial tasks. Unlike Makara and Orion, none of their biological components are visible. They have tails for balance.

They are called aliens but it seems that they are really artificial intelligences remodeled from beings similar to humans.

Their insectile appearance is reflected in their lack of individual names, though each has a number for example, the 'defector' used in Captain Carter's 'wooden horse' scheme in episode 12 is #0171 perhaps an oblique "Star Trek" reference, or maybe a homage to the London phone directory?

Their voice actors are left uncredited, though I can tell some might be voiced by John Baddeley and Jacob Witkin. In the original series, they're simply called Gelma Soldiers.

General Kyle
General Kyle (aged in his early 60’s) is the commander of the Earth Defence Forces (EDF) which was formed to keep the peace throughout the solar system and beyond. He presents an imposing figure with his snow-white hair and beard.

A long term friend of Dr. Benn Robinson and Professor Hagen, he approved the X-Project as soon as Professor Hagen proposed it. He provided the research laboratory on Moonbase and had X-Bomber built. Though clearly out of his depth facing the might of the Alliance and their puzzling demands to hand over F-01, Kyle  retains a strong sense of responsibility for the forces and never concedes points during negotiations, although he knows when to put the safety of his people first.

Kyle has two advisors at Star Fleet HQ: the youthful ginger-haired Number One and the elderly bald Number Two. Both are completely ineffectual.

Not much is necessarily to be deducted from General Kyle, him only appearing at the beginning and the end of the series.

General Kyle was voiced by Kevin Brennan. Born on September 12, 1920, Brennan is probably best known for his role of Mr. Gibson in the 1972 sitcom “Romany Jones” and as Mr. Jenkins, the grumpy old bus depot manager in "Mutiny on the Buses" (1972). Also having bit roles in “Get Carter” (1971) and “Unidentified Flying Oddball” (1979), a movie which included actor Cyril Shaps (Professor Popkiss and Masterspy in Series 2 of “Supercar”). Brennan passed away on December 17, 1998 in Banstead, Surrey, England.

In the original Japanese dubs, Kyle was originally named General Kuroda and was voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata.

Captain Carter
Captain Carter (aged in his early 30’s) is an Officer who trained Shiro and the others at Space Warrior Training School. Though strict, his humane approach to military training has won him much respect. With his long red hair flopping over one eye, shades, and a huge collared cape, Carter resembles a dashing Captain Harlock clone.

Refusing promotion to the military headquarters, he becomes the commander of Pluto Base. Defeated by the Imperial Alliance assault, he is taken prisoner and interrogated for the answer of where F0-1 resides. With no results, Carter being able to resist her laser memory dissimulator, possibly causing brain damage with the machine being turned up all the way.

According to Commander Makara, Carter apparently has a daughter.

Eventually when Makara and Orion are sentenced to execution by the Imperial Master, Carter becomes part of her plea to continue the search for F0-1. Carter is brainwashed, being given a Lobster attachment over his right eye and his left arm removed and replaced with a robotic insect-like claw. Knowing all about Star Fleet’s weaknesses, Carter is able to come up with many clever attacks on X-Bomber.

Shiro is the only one who recognizes the new commander of the Imperial Alliance’s voice and soon enough deducts that it is Captain Carter. Shiro challenges the Captain in Single Combat, whilst engaged in this duel Carter’s Imperial attack ship is severely damaged and crashes down on a meteorite. Having been launched out of his ship, he is freed from the effect of the brainwashing, deeply regretting that he gave his soul over to the Imperial Alliance. Carter couldn't cope with his betrayal and dehumanisation when freed from Alliance control, preferring to die at the hand of his star pupil: Shiro Hagen. Carter is mortally wounded and dies from a single shot, his last words to Shiro being “Good Shooting”

Captain Carter’s voice was provided by British-born Canadian actor Garrick Hagon. Hagon is best known for his portrayal of Ky in “Dr. Who” and Biggs Darklighter in the 1977 “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”. He was also a regular in “The Archers” as Simon Gerrard, Debbie Aldridge's philandering former husband. Hagon is married to actress Liza Ross, whom voiced Princess Lamia. In the original Japanese dubs, Carter was Captain Custer and was voiced by Norio Wakamoro.

Officers A and B
Officers A and B aren’t really main characters within the series; however they generally appear whenever General Kyle does, no matter how innefective they are. Officers A and B are only referred to by General Kyle as Numbers 1 and 2, however the official DVD Character Biographies list them as Officers A and B, whether or not this is a simple error I have no idea. Nevertheless, thats what they will be listed as.

Officer A is a high ranking officer of the EDF and aide to General Kyle. Red headed, he looks very young. He openly criticized Dr. Benn Robinson’s cautious attitude in the face of the Imperial Alliance threat but his calm and objective judgment is worth noting. He helps the General during the hard negotiations with the Imperial Alliance and is responsible for the issuing of instructions and orders the EDF and X-Bomber crew.

Officer B is a long serving high ranking officer of the EDF, second-in-command to General Kyle. He fears for the safety of Earth in the face of the attacks by the Imperial Alliance and advises the General on the best action and strategies he feels the EDF should adopt. He sends Shiro, Hercules and Lee, recent military graduates, to crew an urgently launched X-Bomber to spearhead the fight against the Imperial Alliance at General Kyle’s request.

The voice actors for these two are never credited. However the two voice actors are likely from the main cast as the series had a very limited voice cast, which although were able to afford one voice actor for each different main character, they are never credited for other characters. I assume that Officer A was voiced by Jay Benedict, Officer B seems to have been voiced by John Baddeley, the reason I guess this is since Baddeley’s voice is very distinctive.

Professor Caliban
Professor Caliban is a scientist of the Imperial Alliance, he is the Director General of Science under the direct control of the Imperial Master himself and it is said that nobody can equal his skill in the development of new and murderous weaponry.

The silver-skinned, frock-coated Caliban has a telescopic lens replacing his right eye and a mechanical right arm, not to mention a dreadful Russian accent. He's unlike Makara and Orion in that he doesn't appear to have a symbiote as such.

Caliban appears completely out of the blue very late on in the series. Makara calls on Caliban's perverse skills to construct a mantis-like cyborg assassin and an absurd-looking vehicle called the Death Ball, basically a large black ball on rollers, bristling with various weapons. His invention “The Creature”, though fails in assassinating Lamia, it kills Dr. Benn. He gains pleasure from the remodeling and programming of human bodies, making people think that he is really quite perverse.

Caliban's Death Ball proved to be one of Dai-X's most formidable challengers, being well-armored against the Dai-X's weaponry. Although Caliban is able to knock Dai-X out and drain it of most of its energy, Dai-X then surprises Caliban by using an energy shield to block his flamethrower attack. The Death Ball is destroyed when Dai-X proceeds to use its X-Tracer lasers on it, injuring Caliban severely. During the repair of the Imperial Battlecruiser, Caliban is able to upgrade the ship with energy shields - which would ultimately be their downfall. Highly damaged by Orion's suicide attack, X-Bomber can not penetrate the shields, thus Dai-X is once again sent out. Failing to anticipate an assault by the Dai-X, Caliban is killed by debris when Dai-X penetrates the cruiser.

Like with many other characters, Caliban’s voice actor is left uncredited. One has suggested, that Caliban (along with Professor Hagen) was voiced by British Actor and Singer Al Matthews whose voice has a very distinct similarity to the voice of Caliban. It makes sense as he played the role of Sergeant Apone in "Aliens" (1986), as both Jay Benedict and Mark Rolston have history in that movie too. In my opinion, I am rather convinced that Matthews may have in fact been the voice actor, with those reasons aside. Until something is revealed, I'll stick with what I believe as you may do yourself. Thanks to Shane on the SFXB Forums for pointing out his observations on this.

Al Matthews aside from his role in "Aliens" is also known for his roles in "Superman III" (1983) and "The Fifth Element" (1997) as General Tudor. His singing career has seen one hit in the UK Singles Chart, that being the song "Fool" in 1975.

In the original Japanese dubs, Caliban was Professor Gedora. Sources seem to indicate he was voiced by Kenichi Ogata in the Original dubs.

Caliban also most strongly bears a resemblance to Surface Agent X-2-Zero from “Stingray” with his head bearing strong resemblance to heads seen on “Thunderbirds”-era marionettes.

Professor Hagen
Professor Saburo Hagen is a renowned scientist who proposed X-Project in order to defensively prepare for attacks from outer space. He is also apparently Shiro’s father and Lamia’s adoptive father (the concept is truly confusing however, the fact that Shiro was put into adoption is pure speculation. Even if it were true, the details with Lamia are even further complicated).

The designer of the X-Bomber, around the time of completion of its basic development, he found and saved Lamia and Kirara on Mars and brought Lamia up as if she were his own child. During exploratory travel, he disappeared but is alive somewhere on M-13 in the Callinian galaxy. As it turns out he'd set out on the same mission as X-Bomber - to discover Lamia's true heritage. When his ship ran into difficulty he was rescued by Captain Halley and taken to Callinian where he's stayed hidden ever since having discovered the truth about Lamia. He hasn't been idle though; ever the inventor, he's built a massive cannon to defend Callinian from the Alliance. Once they're driven off, he joins the X-Bomber in place of Dr. Benn and helps Lamia as she develops into the F-01.

Although a staunch believer in science, he knows that science alone cannot resolve everything.

Like the former, Professor Hagen’s voice actor was never credited. As explained with Caliban, it has been suggested that Al Matthews was the voice of Professor Hagen. In the original dubs, his last name was Ginga and was voiced by Mikio Terashima, who voiced Dr. Benn.

Captain Halley
Like Lamia, Captain Halley hails from the Planet Esper. Halley cuts a heroic figure with his horned helmet, cape and katana-like sword. He is destined to become one with Lamia who will ultimately bring peace to the universe, much to the displeasure of Shiro. Though Shiro had no idea what he actually meant.

He is the captain of the sailing ship, the Skull, the ship which both evades and assists X-Bomber during the first half of the story. It isn't until Episode 16 that we learn of the Skull's escape from the planet Esper with the infant Lamia on board - although not stated explicitly it seems likely that Halley was on board the Skull at that time. Halley saved Professor Hagen's life when the professor's ship broke down in space while he was searching for Lamia's homeworld. He also leads the resistance against the Imperial Alliance. He possesses strong telepathic skills, stimulating Lamia’s natural telepathic abilities, and he helps X-Bomber in their combined fight against the Imperial Alliance.

Halley’s voice actor was never credited, though by the sounds of it, it seems like Garrick Hagon was also the voice actor of Halley. This would only make an amount of sense (or coincidence) since Hagon is married Liza Ross (Lamia’s voice actor). In episode 5 he was originally voiced by Peter Marinker, but he was dropped as the voice due to his voice still sounding similar to Dr. Benn's which they believed would confuse the viewers.

In the Original Japanese series, Halley was voiced by Katsuji Mori